Vacuum impregnation machine definition

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Vacuum impregnation machine definition
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   The vacuum impregnation machine adopts the stepping motor to drive the precision ball screw with the moving trough lifting type impregnation, and the lifting height can be preset; the vacuum impregnation machine lifting height can be preset (the maximum stroke of the sub-slot is 60mm; the displacement accuracy is ±0.05mm)

   The vacuum impregnation machine is a dip coating treatment equipment suitable for high frequency and low frequency transformers, inductor coils, motors, inductors, rectifiers, metal castings and C-type iron cores. It has improved mechanical strength, insulation strength and moisture resistance of the coil. Anti-mildew, noise reduction and other functions; resin filling of various metal film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, vacuum degassing process of medium/small resin crafts, and vacuum degassing process of various plastic PU raw materials. Can improve product quality, reduce production costs, save efficiency and protect the environment. Vacuum impregnation machines generally have dozens of types such as assembly type, bulk type, square cylinder type, single machine multi-cylinder type, multi-machine single cylinder type and multi-machine multi-cylinder type.

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