Vacuum impregnation machine controller operation setting

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Vacuum impregnation machine controller operation setting

  Our Dongguan Juke HY-Z02 automatic single-cylinder vacuum impregnation machine is controlled by single-chip microcomputer. It has automatic control function and manual control function. If you want to use manual control, you must first enter the manual control mode. ? Here is Juke Xiaobian to introduce to you.

1. Under the initial screen, click to enter the system and enter the following interface.

2. Under this interface, click the parameter setting to enter the parameter setting interface automatically. As shown below
Vacuum impregnation machine controller operation setting.png

3, parameter setting: closing time (seconds), vacuum 1 time (seconds), rising 1 stroke (mm), soaking 1 time (seconds), vacuum 2 time (seconds), rising 2 strokes (mm), soaking 2 times (seconds), exhaust 1 time (seconds), down position (mm), vacuum 3, time (seconds), drip drying time (seconds), exhaust 2 time (seconds), bubble control exhaust (seconds), row Air interval (seconds), number of exhausts (times), opening time (seconds), lifting speed (minutes/laps), alarm time (seconds), etc.
4, the parameters set here can enter the main page, press F1, enter the recipe value, you can save the current recipe to the input value.

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