automatic single cylinder Vacuum Pressure Impregation machine

Automatic single cylinder Vacuum Pressure Impregation machine Introduction and parameter page, single cylinder automatic vacuum dipping machine developed by HUIYUECN.

  • No.::HY-Z02
  • Brand ::HUIYUECN
  • Weight::900*700*1400mm
  • Get best the For automatic single cylinder Vacuum Pressure Impregation machine

1.Adopting stepper motor drive precision ball screw with moving slotlifting type impregnation, preset lifting height; preset lifting height(maximum stroke of sub-slot 60mm; displacement accuracy ±0.05mm)
2.The screw jack has high bearing capacity and high control precision.The PIN will not stick to the varnish, and there is no need forsecondary tin plating.
3. PLC touch screen control, canpreset a variety of impregnation modes, with timely, appropriateelimination of bubble function;
4. Automaticswitch box cover, secondary automatic vacuuming, saving time and effort,environmental protection, energy saving, single-person multi-machineoperation.
5. The whole groove is made of 10MM steel plate. Double glass observation window for viewing immersion at any time

Technical Parameters:
Power supply: AC380V 50/60HZ
Power: 1HP
Immersion tray size: 410*380mm

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