Horizontal bar automatic vacuum impregnation machine controller wiring diagram

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Horizontal bar automatic vacuum impregnation machine controller wiring diagram

HY-Z02 automatic single-cylinder vacuum impregnation machine adopts stepper motor drive precision ball screw with moving trough lifting type impregnation, preset lifting height; preset lifting height (maximum stroke of sub-slot 60mm; displacement accuracy ±0.05mm) The screw lifter has high bearing capacity and high control precision. The PIN will not stick to the varnish water. It does not need secondary tin plating. The CNC core single-chip control can preset various impregnation modes. It has timely, proper elimination of bubble function and automatic switch. The cover is double-automatically vacuumed, saving time and effort, environmental protection, energy saving, single-person multi-machine operation, the whole groove is made of 10MM steel plate, and the double glass observation window can be used to check the immersion situation at any time. Then Juke Xiaobian introduces you to the HY-Z02 horizontal bar automatic vacuum impregnation machine controller wiring diagram
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1, the upper terminal block

Y15: Buzzer alarm Y14: Running indicator

24V+: +24V output Y13: standby

Y12: Closed solenoid valve Y11: Open cover solenoid valve

24V+: +24V output Y10: exhaust solenoid valve

Y09: Intake solenoid valve Y08: Vacuum relay

24V+: +24V output Y07 Y06: standby

+5V: +5V output +5V: +5V output

Y05 Y04: Standby +5V: +5V output

Y03 Y02: Standby +5V: +5V output

Y01: lifting direction Y00: lifting pulse

2, the middle terminal block

GND: 2 segments on the side +24V: power socket

3, the lower terminal block

X15: Standby COM: Public place

X14: Alternate X13: Origin sensing

X12: Limit sensing COM: public place

X11 X10: Alternate X09: Pressure protection

COM: Public place X08: Alternate

X07: Phase sequence anomaly COM: public place

X05 X04 X03: Standby COM: Public place

X02: Standby X01: Stop switch

X00: Start switch COM: public place

 Our Dongguan Juke Industry HY-Z02 automatic impregnation machine is an automatic running program: put into the product - cover up - - vacuum 1 - motor rise 1 - soak 1 - motor rise 2 - soak 2 - Exhaust 1 - Motor drop - Vacuum 2 - Drip dry, Exhaust 2 - Complete (alarm) - Open the cover and remove the product. (This is the basic process of impregnation work)

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