Main features of vacuum pump for vacuum impregnation machine

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Main features of vacuum pump for vacuum impregnation machine

Our Dongguan Juke Industrial Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine adopts PLC controller to control the operation of two cylinders. There are single cylinder and double cylinder selection respectively. The physical map can be viewed in the following figure. The fully automatic selection only needs to be operated. The product parameters are set as follows: (vacuum time, lifting size, exhaust time, impregnation time), press the start button to automatically complete the operation of the entire product, no need for manual operation, one person can operate multiple units, greatly improving production efficiency. The following is a brief introduction of the main features of the vacuum pump of the vacuum impregnation machine by Juke Xiaobian.
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1. Small size, light weight and low noise;

2. It is equipped with a gas ballast valve to remove a small amount of water vapor; in the range of five degrees Celsius to forty degrees Celsius, the inlet pressure is less than 1.3X103 Pa, allowing long-term continuous operation, and the relative humidity of the pumped gas is greater than 100 At 90 o'clock, the gas valve should be opened.

3. With automatic anti-back oil check valve, easy to start;

4. The air inlet shall be continuously and smoothly operated in the atmosphere for no more than one minute;

5. It is not suitable for removing gases that are corrosive to metals, chemically reacting to pump oil, containing particulate dust, and oxygen-containing, explosive, toxic gases.

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