Juke automatic impregnation machine operation program

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Juke automatic impregnation machine operation program

  Our automatic vacuum impregnation machine adopts: PLC controller control,vacuum impregnation machine can preset a variety of impregnation modes, with timely, appropriate elimination of bubble function; automatic switch box cover, secondary automatic vacuuming, saving time and effort, environmental protection, energy saving, Single-machine multi-machine operation is possible. Here is a detailed explanation of the Juke automatic impregnation machine operation program by Juke Xiaobian.

Appearance structure
(1, digital display pressure switch; 2, view window; 3, spotlight; 4, switch cover cylinder; 5, touch screen)

 automatic impregnation machine.jpg

1. Turn on the three-phase main power supply, open the panel power switch, open the intake valve, automatically open the impregnation cover, and manually put the impregnated material.

2. Press Start, close the impregnation tank cover, close the intake valve, and open the suction valve. Set the required parameters in the control interface.

3. If you need to observe the specific conditions of the cylinder, you can observe it from the viewing window.

4. The machine will run automatically according to the setting program, and manual operation will not be possible. If you need manual operation, please stop automatic operation first.

5, automatic impregnation machine automatic operation program: put the product - cover - - vacuum 1 - motor rise 1 - soak 1 - motor rise 2 - soak 2 - exhaust 1 - Motor drop - vacuum 2 - drip dry, exhaust 2 - complete (alarm) - open the cover to remove the product. (This is the basic process of impregnation.)

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