Russian customer feedback

2018-09-25 16:25:38 HUIYUECN 5

Russian customer feedback
This is the customer we have been working with.
They are from Russia and they bought us a lot of transformer automatic winding machines.
They are not buying once, but buying them multiple times.
This fully demonstrates that our products and quality are recognized by our customers.
Otherwise they will not buy the transformer fully automatic winding machine from us many times.
At the moment, we are sending them a fully automatic vacuum dip machine.
When they saw our demo video,
They are very interested in this fully automatic vacuum dip machine.

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HUIYUECNautomation main product series: transformer magnetic core automaticwinding machine, automatic tape machine, automatic vacuum impregnationmachine, automatic flip soldering machine, and so on,Products are widely used in high and low frequency transformers, inductors, ballasts and motor manufacturers.Transformer manufacturers prefer a one-stop solution.

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