Vacuum pressure impregnation machine equipment (VPI)


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Vacuum pressure impregnation machine equipment (VPI)

Vacuum pressure impregnation machine equipment (VPI) adopts PLC intelligent operating system, featuring high speed, high function and convenient operation. This machine is suitable for electronic transformers, inductor coils, audio coils, motors, hardware accessories and various electronic components vacuum impregnation special equipment. The vacuum impregnation machine is cheap, and the synchronous drive motor is used to control the impregnated liquid surface. The impregnated liquid surface is stable and has no jitter. PLC touch screen control system. The liquid level can be set arbitrarily. The precision is controlled within 0.02mm. Simple, can be directly adjusted and set in the PLC operation interface, the design of the impregnation tank mechanism is reasonable. The size of the impregnated mother tank and the sub-tank is appropriate. The sub-tank will not overflow the varnish water into the impregnation tank during the lifting process. It can reduce the waste of raw materials.

vacuum pressure impregnation (vpi) Scope:
1. Vacuum pressure impregnation machine equipment (VPI) is one of the basic equipment for gas extraction. It is widely used in electronic products, machinery parts, chemicals, medicine, semiconductor, petroleum, food, welding, and other industries.
2, vacuum pressure impregnation machine equipment (VPI) allows normal operation in the ambient temperature of 5 ° C -40 ° C. The relative humidity of the pumped gas is greater than 90% and is not used.
3. It is not suitable for the extraction of gases that are corrosive to metals, chemical reactions to pump oil, gases containing particulate dust, and explosives containing oxygen.

Vacuum pressure impregnation machine equipment (VPI) features:
1. Technical parameters: Power supply: AC380V 50/60HZ Power: 1HP
Machine size: 1100mm*630mm*750mm (can be customized)
Immersion master groove size: 420mm*480mm*160mm (can be customized)
Immersion sub-tank size: 460mm*350mm*100mm (can be customized)
2. Structural features: No. Structure description Features effect description 1 Vacuum pump and impregnation machine integrated structure, integrated structure is convenient for operation, handling, maintenance, etc. The structure is beautiful and generous.
2 The impregnated mother tank is made of stainless steel. The dimensions are: 420mm*480mm*160mm. The impregnated mother tank has a large space and can be loaded with 20 kg of varnish water. It is easy to operate and can greatly improve production efficiency.
3 The impregnation sub-tank is made of stainless steel, the size is: 460mm*350mm*100mm (can be customized) The effective impregnation depth is 0-100mm. It can fully meet the high-frequency transformer and inductor impregnation.
4 Adopt PLC touch screen intelligent control system Intelligent control system, user-friendly operation interface. Convenient operation, failure rate and maintenance. Real-time monitoring and display of operating conditions, effective use of partial elimination method for machine failure. Easy maintenance.
5 Control system and structure comprehensive anti-dead In the power outage, power off, gas stop will maintain the original working state. The impregnation machine door will not suddenly open or close. Effectively prevent crushing operators or damage the product.

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