Huiyue Technology successfully passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

2018-11-12 09:37:18 HUIYUECN 1

Huiyue Technology successfully passed ISO9001 quality management system certification


Celebrate our company Dongguan Huiyue Technology successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The ISO9001 quality management system standard is the mostauthoritative certification standard today. This indicates that Huiyue'smanagement system integration has reached international standards,indicating that the company can provide customers with expected andsatisfactory qualified products continuously and steadily.

Certification Process: Submit Application---->SigningContract---->Audit Documents---->On-Site Review---->CorrectiveMeasures---->Approval---->Registration and Certification.

Thestandardization of government service is a new field of standardizationwork, and the successful completion of the ISO9001 quality managementsystem certification has fully proved that the work since the center'soperation is effective. Through the ISO9001 management system certification, Huiyue Technologystrictly complies with the quality system requirements of the nationalstandards, continuously improves all aspects of product production andmanagement, promotes the rationalization of enterprise management norms,and provides better service for customer protection.

Sincereservice, standard management, realistic and innovative, continuousimprovement is the company's quality policy, the quality systemcertification work successfully passed, the company's development is anew opportunity, through the implementation of ISO9001 quality systemcertification, the company is strengthening internal standard managementToenhance service awareness and enhance the satisfaction of owners, ithas a more scientific and standardized management system guarantee. Atthe same time, it also enhances the market competitiveness of thecompany, accelerates brand building, and lays a solid foundation for thecompany's standardization, standardization and procedural healthdevelopment. basis.

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