CNC package tape machine preferred Huiyue brand

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CNC package tape machine preferred Huiyue brand

CNC package tape machine preferred Huiyue brand

HuiyueTechnology CNC coated tape machine is applied to all kinds of high- andlow-frequency transformers, inductor coils, heat sinks, relays,chargers, USB film and other iron core tapes and insulating tapes, andthe replacement varieties are simple and fast, suitable for varioustypes. operation.

(1) Thesliding of the cutter adopts the heat-treated slide rail, which isstable and durable, and the adjustment is simple and convenient.
(2)Imported 7.5P motor, imported electronic accessories, high sensitivity,switching power supply, avoiding voltage instability and the machinecan not start;
(3) Energy-saving,high-efficiency, high-level tape, tight tape, uniform inductance, savingtime, labor, and saving human resources;
(4)Automatic material returning device, the operation is simpler and thespeed is faster. Only need to put the wrapped wire package, vacuum impregnation machine the machinewill automatically wrap, cut, tape and return material!
(5) The bearing drives the turntable, which is durable and stable.
(6) Power cord clamp, one foot switch, random tool kit, manual

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HUIYUECNautomation main product series: transformer magnetic core automaticwinding machine, automatic tape machine, automatic vacuum impregnationmachine, automatic flip soldering machine, and so on,Products are widely used in high and low frequency transformers, inductors, ballasts and motor manufacturers.Transformer manufacturers prefer a one-stop solution.

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