Juke HY-R20 automatic casing machine increases 100% efficiency

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Juke HY-R20 automatic casing machine increases 100% efficiency

 Juke warm reminder: buy two 0.1mm copper wire automatic casing machine, please look for Dongguan Juke industrial quality manufacturers, when we purchase our HY-R20 automatic casing machine, our company will install and debug, after testing After the department is qualified, it can be shipped. It can also provide installation video teaching to ensure quality. The company has a professional after-sales team. The products are exported to Russia, Canada, Switzerland and other European and American countries. The quality is reliable. Welcome to inquire!

Some Juke cases:

1. Guangzhou Kunyang Electronics - The shipment standard rate increased from 60.7% to 96%, the product qualification rate increased from 64% to 98%, and the production capacity increased by 0.8 times.
2. Shenzhen Tianhuaxun Electronics - The number of employees is reduced from 300 to 200, and the average output can be increased by 0.5 times.
3.Dongzhong Electronics of Dongguan City——Huawei Electronics directly under the branch, with an annual comprehensive output of more than 80000K, purchase 100 sets of HY-R20 automatic casing machine.

 (Note: Our HY-R20 automatic casing machine is suitable for any brand CNC winding machine. It can be used directly after installation. It is very convenient. We need to wear the tube for you.)

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Need to question its operation video, please click: automatic casing machine operation video

 HY-R20 high frequency transformer automatic casing machine
The automatic casing machine is equipped with a casing mechanism on the existing CNC winding machine for production and comparison with the current production method. The mechanism will use the winding personnel to wrap the copper wire around the PIN foot and the loading and unloading time. The sleeve is automatically cut to the specified length, and the copper wire head is automatically put into the sleeve for use. The copper wire is already threaded on the copper wire head when guiding the copper wire hanging foot, and only needs to be positioned by hand while pulling the wire. (This action takes less than 0.5S) The sleeve can be used directly.

 Two 0.1mm copper wire automatic casing machine video screenshot:

Automatic casing machine physical map

Automatic casing machine

Nowadays, manual casing and manual thread cutting have delayed a lot of time, and the cost is very expensive, but now there is an automatic casing machine that can solve many problems in this area, labor, cost, work efficiency, etc. HY -R20 automatic casing machine instead of manual pipe, saving cost, improving pipe penetration efficiency more than double, is the preferred product of high-frequency transformer manufacturers, then look at the HY-R20 parameters and characteristics:

High-frequency transformer automatic casing machine - parameters:
Machine model HY-R20
Working voltage 220V 50HZ
Air pressure requirement 0.5MPa
Meet the wire diameter 0.1-1.0mm
Working principle Casing inner diameter ≧ Multi-strand diameter +0.12mm
Number of jobs below 60 shares
Teflon tube Suitable for 14L~30L
Machine size 250*110*130mm
Machine weight about 12KG

Transformer automatic casing machine - features:
1. Microcomputer control, easy to operate.
2, all Chinese CNC single-chip control display
3, the length of the casing can be adjusted, the size is accurate.
4, copper wire adjustable, suitable for the majority of casing transformer production.
5. It is convenient to use with CNC, get started quickly, guarantee quality and improve production efficiency.
6, the length of the casing can be arbitrarily set, the beginning and end can be selected.
7. This automatic casing machine can be divided into two tubes.
8, this machine is suitable for any brand burning machine, can be used directly after installation. Very convenient.
9, the function is very powerful: automatic feeding sleeve, automatic cutting, automatic casing.
10, the lead wire is automatically sent out, automatically complete the casing operation.

Juke Industrial Service Mission: To improve customer productivity, reduce customer labor costs, and reduce customer defect rate is the company's business objectives.
Recently, Dongguan Dazhong Electronics and our company signed 100 sets of HY-R20 automatic casing machine/automatic through insulation casing machine. Dongguan Dazhong Electronics is directly under the headquarters of Shenzhen Huawei. The main orders are from Huawei Electronics. The high-frequency transformer products include EE series and EP series. ER series, etc., Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Li always realized that nowadays hand-punched casing, manual thread cutting, delayed a lot of time, and the cost is very expensive, know that there is an automatic casing machine, can solve many of this Problems, labor, cost, work efficiency, etc., contact our HY-R20 automatic casing machine on the Internet, want to improve the efficiency of the company, Xiaobian warm reminds everyone, if you buy some quality automatic casing machine Manufacturers, because the line is very thin, and very soft, it will be knotted at the delivery line when the casing is sent to the line. After the failure, it is necessary to automatically re-commission the casing machine and re-thread, greatly Affects efficiency. Then Juke Xiaobian introduces Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Co., Ltd. for everyone.

Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic transformers integrating R&D, production and sales. It has more than 2,000 employees and modern standard factory buildings with an area of more than 30,000 square meters. It has obtained TUVISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification and CCC, CQC, CSA, TUV, CE, K (Korea) and many other domestic and international safety certifications, members of the national electronic transformer industry, the National Magnetic Materials and Devices Industry Association, and the National Magnetic Components and Ferrite Materials Standardization Technical Committee. Main development, production and design: various control circuit board transformers; various high and low frequency transformers, inductors, chokes; 10-260KW isolation transformers, self-couplers, reactors; various AC / DC, DC / DC Power adapter, PCB plane transformer, SMD chip transformer; network communication transformer; 10-400KW three-phase high-power transformer, etc., with an annual output of more than 80 million. Our company takes "quality first, customer first" as our tenet, and takes the modern management, high-quality products, reasonable price, timely delivery and high-quality service as the prestige and commitment. Provide high quality and low price transformer products for the majority of electronics manufacturers. Main customers: Galanz, Shenzhen Huawei, American Emerson, BBK, Midea, Guangzhou Zhujiang Telecom, TCL, Kangbao, Topband, Kailing, Mailan, Huarong, Delta and so on. Dazhong Electronics has more than 300 CNC winding machines. Now it has improved the efficiency of 100 automatic casing machines. The follow-up orders are constantly increasing. We also need to increase our HY-R20 automatic casing machine. Let us look at it. Look at the pictures of the field work and the characteristics of our casing machine:

Juke HY-R20 automatic casing machine increases 100% efficiency.jpg

Juke HY-R20 automatic casing machine increases 100% efficiency.jpg

Juke HY-R20 automatic casing machine increases 100% efficiency.jpg

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