Vacuum pump needs to pay attention when starting vacuum impregnation machine

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Vacuum pump needs to pay attention when starting vacuum impregnation machine
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 Dongguan Juke Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional automated workshop production line solution provider specializing in the production of vacuum impregnation machines, automatic impregnation machines and non-standard automation equipment. The vacuum pump of our vacuum impregnation machine adopts imported pump from Taiwan. Compared with the domestically produced pump, the quality of the shape and the pump are far beyond the use ratio. Before the Zhongshan Jincai Electronics Factory purchased the vacuum impregnation machine of an automation company, it is because of the domestic The pump and the machine have problems for three days and two days. It is not the problem of pump leakage or the problem of vacuum pump leakage. Zhongshan Jincai Electronics Factory decided to order a HY-Z02 automatic single cylinder vacuum on September 11th. Immersion machine, so the company must find a good quality manufacturer to purchase vacuum impregnation machine. Today, Dongguan Juke Xiaobian introduces to you the vacuum pump needs to pay attention to when starting the vacuum impregnation machine, then the following is a brief introduction by Juke Xiaobian. .

        When the vacuum pump of the vacuum impregnation machine continuously operates the system, the instantaneous contamination caused by occasional activation or shutdown is small, but the daily shutdown causes the pollution effect to be greatly increased. Even the diffusion pump is still working. The pump liquid fraction desorbed from the trap will also flow back to the portion between the trap and the high vacuum valve. When the system starts, first turn on the cooling water of the diffusion pump, adjust the temperature setting of the water temperature relay, and then start the mechanical pump for rough pumping. Before starting the mechanical pump, check that the pump's oil level is satisfactory and that the high vacuum valve and the front valve are closed. Open the rough valve, in the small and medium pumping system, only a simple rough pumping pipe is needed. In some large vacuum chambers with special requirements, a multi-step procedure can be used for roughing: First, the vacuum chamber can be roughed through a small diameter hole or bypass pipe, when the pressure drops to the absence of turbulence, Open the main roughing valve again. When the pressure in the vacuum chamber drops to 100 Pa, the front stage pipe valve can be opened and the diffusion pump heater energized. If the diffusion pump is already in a vacuum closed state, when the diffusion pump is just beginning to be energized and heated.
       If the power supply has a voltage regulator, the point voltage can be increased as appropriate, but the voltage should be adjusted back to the specified voltage when the pump oil is close to the evaporation temperature, which can speed up the starting. However, it should be noted that too long a time will cause the pump oil to crack.

       For the news of Dongguan Juke vacuum impregnation machine, Xiaobian will introduce it here. If you want to know more product technical information, please continue to pay attention to our website or call us. We will serve you wholeheartedly and sincerely with domestic and foreign merchants. Win-win cooperation, common development, create brilliant!

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