Which industrial oven in Dongguan is better? Where is the advantage?

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Which industrial oven in Dongguan is better? Where is the advantage?

Dongguan Juke Industrial Automation Equipment Development Co., Ltd. always adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality Quality Keeps Customers” and the brand strength is constantly improving. After more than ten years of struggle and development, “Juke Industry” has become a well-known brand of drying equipment such as industrial ovens and hot air circulation ovens. Has won the Gree, Midea Group, Foxconn, Fuyao Group, Haier Group, Xiamen Airlines, Shanghai General Electric, Dongfeng Nissan, Platts Electric, China South Locomotive, China North Lok, ZTE, Anhui Zhongding and many other world-renowned The favor of the company has won high praise and praise from users. According to the needs of customers, we provide perfect design solutions to provide customers with first-class quality and considerate service. And by a model that recommended another, it was word of mouth, and the "Juke Industrial" gold brand was created.
Clean industrial oven
First, the advantages of clean industrial oven
1, strong durability: since the electric heater is sealed in the housing, small contact area with the outside air, thus less susceptible to oxidative corrosion.
2, heat cycle: heat baking object uniformly.
3, electrical control safety and reliability: reasonable structure, effective working area, full function, simple operation, convenient maintenance and adjustment, low noise, high reliability, low cost, low energy consumption, high production efficiency.
Second, the working principle of clean industrial oven
The air circulation system adopts the double-motor horizontal circulation air supply mode, and the air circulation is even and efficient. The wind source is driven by a circulating air supply motor (using a non-contact switch) to drive the wind wheel (Φ230) through the electric heater, and the hot air is sent out, and then the air is taken into the oven interior through the air passage, and then the used air is taken into the air duct to become a wind source. Cycle again and use for heating. Ensure indoor temperature uniformity. When the temperature value is oscillated due to the operation of the switch door, the air circulation system can quickly restore the operating state temperature value.
Third, clean industrial oven use
Suitable for motor, transformer coil dipping after drying or similar baking curing.
1. There is a grooved track at the bottom of the oven to facilitate the pushing and drying of the material trolley.
2. It is equipped with an explosion-proof device. The back is equipped with a pressure relief safety door. In the case of special heating, the safety of the drying operation is realized.
3. Digital display instrument, independent temperature control over temperature protection and alarm device.
4. Hot air circulation, uniform temperature, exhaust gas at the top, improve curing time, enhance workpiece quality and high work efficiency.
Dongguan Juke Industrial Automation Equipment Development Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of clean ovens, industrial ovens, industrial ovens, R&D, design, production, sales and service. It has been adhering to the development path of energy conservation and environmental protection for more than ten years. The close cooperation of large scientific research institutions has greatly improved the process and performance of industrial ovens and industrial ovens! Industry leading technology, domestic famous brand! Is the preferred partner of the new and old customers! Welcome to the new and old customers to visit the exchange company guidance!

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Dongguan Industrial Oven.jpg

The above is the Dongguan industrial oven which is better? Where is the advantage? Introduction, if you need to buy or customize Dongguan Juke Industrial's industrial oven, you need to buy or customize Dongguan Juke Industrial's transformer automation production equipment, you can contact our company Juke Industry, contact our business staff to buy or customize, thank you.

I am Dongguan Juke Industrial Development Co., Ltd., our company is a transformer automation production equipment supplier.

The following is the introduction of our company and some automation equipment supplied by our company. If you need to purchase or customize these automation equipment, you need to buy or customize the transformer automatic production equipment. You can contact our company and contact our business staff for purchase or customization. Thank you. .

Dongguan Juke Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a professional automation workshop production line solution provider for high frequency transformer peripheral equipment.

Juke Industry is dominated by Taiwanese technology, and all raw materials are selected and processed in strict accordance with Taiwan Standard Huai, and with the excellent technology and professional services to create maximum value for customers, and determined to become the world's high-frequency transformer automation equipment program The leading brand.
Juke Industry adheres to European standards. The product series include: transformer inserter, transformer EI inserter, transformer automatic inserter, ei type transformer automatic inserter, transformer core inserter, transformer automatic casing machine,automatic through insulation casing machine,Transformer core assembly machine, transformer core assembly rubber machine, (automatic core assembly + bag tape + test + wobble plate), automatic winding machine, transformer winding machine, transformer automatic winding machine, CNC winding machine ,CNC automatic winding machine, CNC single-axis winding machine, CNC coil winding machine, automatic coil winding machine, single-axis winding machine, double-axis winding machine, multi-axis winding machine, 6/8/16 /12 axis automatic winding machine, 6/8/16/12 axis automatic transformer winding machine, Coil Spindle Winding MachineSingle Spindle Winding Machine,single shaft coil automatic winding machine,Transformer Core Automatic Winding Machine,automatic winding + wrapping tape machine, (USB charger automatic film wrapping machine) , automatic rubberizing machine, semi-automatic tape machine, transformer double pressing automatic rubberizing machine, transformer magnetic ring inductance double pressing automatic rubberizing machine, vacuum impregnation machine, (with single and double cylinder difference: single cylinder automatic vacuum impregnation Machine, two-cylinder automatic vacuum impregnation machine),Vacuum pressure impregnation electric motor equipmentvacuum pressure impregnation process for transformersvacuum pressure impregnation (vpi),automatic soldering machine and semi-self Soldering machine (also called flip soldering machine), transformer flip soldering machine, transformer automatic flip soldering machine, double head soldering machine,Angular Soldering MachineTransformer Angular Soldering Machine,magnetic ring inductor pulling and shearing machine, magnetic ring inductor automatic foot machine, transformer potting vacuum stripping Bubble machine, transformer copper foil adhesive machine, desktop automatic dispensing machine, full visual COB dispensing machine, computer cutting and stripping machine, automatic locking screw machine, double Y-axis coordinate automatic locking screw machine, Transformer Automatic Taping Machineautomatic taping machineautomatic coil taping machinetransformer core taping machinetransformers core taping machine,transformer comprehensive tester , automatic constant temperature oven, infrared tunnel furnace, ultraviolet curing furnace, baking lineTransformer assembly production linecore automation production line and other high-frequency transformer peripheral automation equipment, products are widely used in high and low frequency transformers, ballasts and motor manufacturers. In order to meet the needs of the market, in 2008, an branch of Yixiu District, Anqing City, Anhui Province, formed a group of professional and technical personnel to provide quality services to customers.

The following is the contact information of our business staff. If you need to purchase or customize the automation equipment listed above, you need to purchase or customize the transformer automatic production equipment. You can contact our company and contact our business staff for purchase or customization. Thank you.
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