What is a programmable precision oven? What are the characteristics?

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What is a programmable precision oven? What are the characteristics?

Programmable precision oven:
Programmable precision oven products (Note: non-standard products can be ordered according to customer requirements)

Programmable precision oven feature description:
1. Inner material: SUS mirror stainless steel with strong acid and alkali resistance and small thermal deformation, the plate thickness is 1.5MM.
2. Outer material: cold-rolled steel plate, plate thickness is 1.5MM, electrostatic powder spray paint treatment, computer white color, beautiful and generous, high-grade texture.
3. Insulation material: 100Kg/m3 King Kong imported high-density glass rock wool, good heat insulation, maximum temperature insulation.
4. The anti-tight pressing material is high temperature resistant silicone which can withstand high temperature for a long time without deformation cracking.
5. Heat-generating material: It is a honeycomb anti-corrosion acid-base stainless steel heater, which is non-polluting and has a long service life.
6. The temperature control is displayed simultaneously for the PID microcomputer automatic number PV/SV, and the required temperature can be set according to the individual's wishes within the range allowed by the machine. It can be ensured by the PID parameter setting in the table.
7. The temperature input CA(K)TRPE output is 12V.
8. The current controller is SSR contactless relay.
9. Built-in forced air circulation loop, the wind source is rotated by the circulating motor through the electric heater, and the hot air is sent from the air duct to the inside of the oven, and the hot air is sucked into the air duct to be used as a wind source and circulating heating, thereby reducing energy loss. And ensure the temperature uniformity inside the box, when the door opening and closing action causes disturbance, the air circulation system can quickly return to the operating state temperature value, the adjustable inlet and outlet ports can be configured, the air circulation is smooth, the ventilation is fast, and the flammable is avoided. Excessive concentration of gas causes spontaneous combustion to detonate.
10. The motor is a long-shaft high temperature resistant type imported from Taiwan.
11. The wind wheel is a multi-blade turbine type with high strength.
12. Ultra high temperature protection, overload protection, phase sequence protection, timing and alarm function.
13. The thermometer recorder can be configured according to customer requirements and can be printed or connected to a PC.

Programmable precision oven.jpg

Programmable precision oven.jpg

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