CNC CNC winding machine modular design

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CNC CNC winding machine modular design
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CNC CNC Winding Machine is applied to the modular design of CNC winding machine. The main idea is to set a group of components with the same or similar functions as the same module, configure the same interface and installation mode, and have different performance or use. Modules are combined with each other to produce the final product. Sometimes even parts with different structural features can be classified into the same module as long as they have the same function and meet the interchangeable conditions.

    Based on the modular design of the CNC winding machine, based on the idea of the module, the general winding machine design task is transformed into a modular product solution. The solution includes two aspects: First, the function analysis is performed according to the new requirements of the customer. A new module that meets the characteristics is created in a set of modules, that is, module creation. Second, a set of existing specific modules is combined into a modular product solution according to design requirements, that is, module synthesis.

    The modular design of the winding machine is based on the functional analysis of different functions or different performances and different specifications of a certain series of products, and divides and designs a series of functional modules through the selection and combination of modules. , constitute different products to meet the different needs of customers on the winding machine.

    For the finished product of the winding machine, the modular design can be summarized as follows: According to the requirements of the user, based on the functional analysis, a series of interchangeable functions with the same performance (or use) and different structures can be set up. Functional units, as well as some dedicated, separate components, which are then assembled into a single winding machine or flexible machining unit (or system).

    The modular design of the winding machine has been widely used in some foreign countries. Its obvious advantages have led some enterprises to form a complete modular management system from product design, process to manufacturing. With the acceleration of the domestic enterprise informationization process, it is imperative to introduce foreign advanced design and management experience in the winding machine manufacturing industry.

 This year, our company's research and development project combines automatic casing and CNC winding machine into one machine, which can be used as an integrated machine. This can increase the accuracy of winding and casing machine, and its efficiency can be increased by about 120%. Easy, no need to debug, please continue to pay attention to our company Dongguan Juke Industry.

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