Automatic casing machine troubleshooting

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Automatic casing machine troubleshooting

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 Dongguan Juke Industrial HY-R20 automatic casing machine installs the casing mechanism on the existing CNC Winding Machine for production and comparison with the current production method. The mechanism will use the winding personnel to wrap the copper wire around the PIN foot and During this period of loading and unloading, the casing is fully cut to the specified length, and the copper wire head is automatically put into the casing for use. The copper wire is already threaded on the copper wire head when guiding the pulling of the copper wire. The hand is positioned while pulling the wire (this action takes less than 0.5S) and the sleeve can be used directly. The following Juke Xiaobian introduces the troubleshooting method of our HY-R20 automatic casing machine

Automatic casing machine troubleshooting

After the automatic casing machine is turned on, the operation steps are as follows:

Clearing material ------- inspection (waste in the double pressure block and clean it up) ----------running

An exception occurred during work:
Exit ------ clearing ------ check (as above) --- quit ----- run

Teflon casing failure
1. The feeding guide pin is too large, check and select the appropriate feeding guide pin
2. The pre-pressure gap of the double pressure block is too small or too large to check and adjust the pre-pressure gap (the Teflon sleeve cannot be pulled out from the side)
3. The double pressure block is closed and not flexible. Spray WD-40 anti-rust oil on the square shaft and clean it with a blow gun.

Automatic casing casing lineage failure
1. The wire guide pin is too large, check if the wire guide pin is reasonable, and replace it to reduce the size of one type of nozzle.
2. The wire guide pin is too small (the copper wire is barely passed) to increase one model.
3. The wire feed wheel is worn, the new wheel is replaced, and the tension of the L-curved arm is adjusted.
4. The Teflon sleeve cut is not round, replace the cutting blade
5. The distance between the wire guide pin and the double pressure block is too large (the distance between the two is 0.1mm, please confirm the distance with the feeler gauge given by our company)

Automatic casing machine other failure
1. Motor vibration does not run: Check the data line link or directly replace the control box.
2. Retract the wire from the inside of the nozzle: lengthen the length of the wire, wear the wire wheel, and replace the new wheel. Check if the wire feed action is slow. If it is slow, replace the solenoid valve that controls the wire feed line.
3. There is noise during the operation of the muffler, check the solenoid valve, replace the tangential cutter cylinder
4. Leakage in other places, check if the stainless steel joint is loose or replace the stainless steel joint

Automatic casing machine precautions
1. Select the appropriate sleeve guide and copper guide pin
2. When cleaning, be sure to check and clean the waste in the double pressure block and confirm that the double pressure block can be tightly closed before being pushed out.
3. Air pressure is greater than 5.5 kg
4. Adjust the suitable preload height of the double pressure block (adjust the different clamp height according to different Teflon sleeves)

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