Technical difficulties of CNC winding machine

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Technical difficulties of CNC winding machine

 Today, with the rapid development of technology in various industries, CNC Winding Machine is a widely used equipment. The technological development of CNC winding machines also affects the technological development of many related industries. In particular, the winding machine has a profound impact on the electrical and electronic industry. For example, the production of reactor transformers is inseparable from the CNC winding machine, then look at the physical map of the Juke Industrial CNC winding machine:

 Now with the renewal of power technology in China, new improvements have been made in the production process of transformers and reactors. There are also new requirements for the requirements of the winding machine. In the past, most of the transformers used single-wire winding. As the process improved, the winding of the transformer coil appeared double-winding, or multi-wire winding. Moreover, the winding is required to be flat. This is also a new challenge for the winding machine.
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 1. The improvement on the wire-passing device of the winding machine is not an ordinary V-shaped wire-passing device. To change to a width-adjustable wireway.

2. In the process of multi-wire winding, ensure that the line is not knotted, not twisted, and the line is not chaotic after the thread is trimmed to ensure that the smooth coil is wound out. Need to use the limit pressure line device specially designed by our company.

3. When multiple strands are wound around the wire during the winding process, the disordered line sometimes occurs. It is currently done manually.

Dongguan Juke Industrial Technicians are discussing this issue to solve this problem with a better solution. We are committed to providing our customers with efficient and stable winding equipment.

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