USB casing envelope provides external processing projects

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USB casing envelope provides external processing projects

USB casing envelope provides external processing projects

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   OurDongguan Huiyue Technology specializes in the production and sales ofUSB shell automatic laminating machine. The automatic laminating machineis operated by 7.5P motor, and the efficiency can reach 3000 or so perhour, with automatic returning mechanism. Now weare cooperating with a number of customer-protected joint ventures toprovide external processing and production, and to solve the problem ofprocessing efficiency outside the company. The processing price is reasonable. USB automatic film machine operation video address:
  HY-B02automatic rubber laminating machine This should be USB casing, datacable housing, charger head automatic coating, the machine is driven bybearings, and the service life is 5 years without any problem. The USB casing envelope has high efficiency and high precision, and the product is not damaged.

   Atpresent, USB film, our company also provides USB package filmprocessing manufacturers,vacuum impregnation machine  can help the production of the factoryprocessing envelope service, USB envelope film processing detailedquestions are welcome to call our Dongguan Huiyue technology consulting! ! !

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