Explain the selection of various CNC winding machine spindle motors

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Explain the selection of various CNC winding machine spindle motors

With the maturity of the winding machine technology, the market is flooded with various general-purpose or special winding machines. Mainly divided into 2 categories of textile winding machines and electrical and electrical winding machines. Let's share with you the selection and application of the winding motor of the electrician industry winding machine.
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At present, the winding machine spindle motor of the mainstream CNC Winding Machine has a variable frequency speed regulating motor, a DC brushless motor, a servo motor,

Various motors also have different applications on different winding machines, giving them their own advantages. First of all, the variable frequency motor is generally used in large transformer winding machines, foil winding machines, and other high power and high torque occasions with large torque requirements. Servo motors are generally used in a variety of small and medium-sized high-precision automatic winding machines. For example, machining positions where precise spindle rotation and precision cable are required. The servo motor has the advantages of fast response speed, stable operation and precise corner. DC brushless motors are mainly used in some small winding machines. The brushless DC motor has fast response and simple control. Low maintenance costs and other advantages.

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