Influence of enameled wire on CNC winding machine requirements

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Influence of enameled wire on CNC Winding Machine requirements

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Customers in the winding machine industry, or using winding machines, know. There are many factors that affect the quality of the coil during the winding process of a high standard. The accuracy of a winding device itself. Two winding machine debugging, parameter setting problems. Three tension size control issues. The characteristic characteristics of the four enameled wires. The problem of the enameled wire itself is the one that is most likely to be overlooked. I will focus on the impact of the characteristics of the enameled wire on the winding effect.
1. The wire diameter error of the enameled wire will have a certain influence on the winding, resulting in uneven wiring.
2. The softness of the enameled wire will also have a certain influence during the winding process. The cable is not attached and the winding surface is not flat. The enameled wire has an annealing process during the production process, which is directly related to the softness of the enameled wire. This is often the case when the enameled wire is too hard. So when we buy the enameled wire, we try to buy a softer line. Why do we sometimes work well when we are around the aluminum wire? When the copper wire is wound, the effect is not as good as that of the aluminum wire? In fact, it is because copper wire is harder than aluminum wire.

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