Huiyue CNC winding machine superior performance configuration

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Huiyue CNC winding machine superior performance configuration

Huiyue CNC winding machine superior performance configuration

OurDongguan Huiyue Technology CNC Winding Machine Controller adopts thelatest synchronous portable cable, with high precision, ultra-highintelligent mode, self-detection function, including setting error,overspeed tracking and speed calibration, with speed detection The function of measuring can automatically reduce the spindle speedto the most stable state. The cable adopting the latest synchronousportable cable, the precision is extremely high, and the ultra-highintelligent mode.
Huiyue CNC winding machine superior performance configuration
1. The main part adopts A3 material.

2.Transformer Core Automatic Winding Machine Other aluminum anodes are oxidized by nature.

3. The controller, spindle motor and cable motor adopt Shenzhen Leisai Technology.

4. The power circuit adopts an improved anti-interference circuit with stable performance.

5. The winding shaft adopts the closed circuit of electronic speedfeedback, the speed is constant, and does not change with the change ofmains or load.

6, the cable shaft stepper motor constant current chopper drive, not easy to lose step.

7. The cable axis is controlled by the microcomputer chip alone, whichhas better synchronization with the winding motor, and the wire speedis fast and the precision is high.

8. The starting position and width of the cable axis can be used forteaching input during editing, and can display the current position ofthe cable axis.

9, data storage 0 ~ 999 a total of 1000 groups.

10. Each time the data is adjusted, the legality and accuracy of thedata will be detected to protect the winding equipment and preventwinding errors.

11.The three-phase DC brushless motor drive system has been integratedinto the controller, and the installation and maintenance are moresimple.

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