What should you watch out for when using a CNC winding machine? What are the compliance specifications?

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What should you watch out for when using a CNC Winding Machine? What are the compliance specifications?

Each machine has some specifications that must be observed during use. This is a requirement for the machine to extend its service life and avoid abnormal conditions. It should be promoted among all employees.
We talk about it in five ways:
First, the first preparation is before starting the machine.
Before turning on the winder, you should carefully check whether there are any debris on the workbench of the winder, whether the screws on the winder are loose, whether the power switch is connected, and whether the specifications of the enameled wire meet the requirements. Confirmed to be able to boot.
Second, we should set the parameters of the winding machine
Rotate the red button on the console in the direction indicated by the arrow. The winding machine is turned on and automatically reset. At this time, the winding machine parameters should be set according to the production schedule. Press the “Settings” button on the microcomputer controller and follow the prompts on the screen to enter “program number”, “number of coils”, “wire diameter”, “winding number”, “pre-stop number”, “from” Parameters such as “around point”, “winding width”, “over-groove width”, “stop angle”, “winding direction”, etc. Finally, press “Enter” to confirm, the machine saves data and resets automatically, and the parameter setting is completed. Then adjust the working mode of the winding machine on the left side of the microcomputer controller, set to “back positioning”, “standard cable”, “automatic reset” in turn, and finally press “standby” button, the machine will automatically reset to enter the automatic winding mode. .
Third, let the winding machine run empty to check if there is any abnormality.
After the winding machine parameter setting is completed, it is not possible to wind the wire immediately. It must be confirmed that the setting of the winding machine is completely in compliance with the requirements. First run the vehicle once, pay attention to check whether the winding line, winding number, reset mode, parking position, etc. of the winding machine meet the requirements. If the requirements are not met, the above steps must be repeated and re-adjusted until the requirements are met.
Fourth, if the above are normal, we can go online.
Place the enamelled wire tray that meets the requirements on the bracket smoothly, cover the plastic sleeve and the cylinder cover, and the thread passes through the porcelain nozzle on the cylinder cover, and then passes through the wire nozzle, felt, wire wheel, movable wire frame, and finally from the activity. The copper wheel of the wire frame is taken out.
Fifth, the machine starts to wind
Pass the wire frame of the good terminal to the special positioning die of the winding machine. The enameled wire is wrapped around the bottom wire terminal. Check if there is any wire wheel on the enameled wire. If everything is normal, press the red “start” button to start winding. If an abnormal situation occurs in the middle, immediately press the “Stop” button on the winding machine to stop the inspection. After troubleshooting, press the “Start” button to continue winding.
1. The operator must pay attention to safety. After the machine is started, the hand cannot be close to the rotating part. When adjustment is needed, it must be stopped first and then adjusted. After the adjustment is completed, it must be confirmed that the hand has left the dangerous area before restarting.
2, the operator can not wear gloves when working, the sleeves can not be too long, the female operator's hair should be tied up or tied up and placed in the helmet.
3. After winding the wire, check whether the bottom line and the upper thread are connected to the corresponding terminals; whether the bottom line and the upper line and the terminal wiring are left loose enough; whether the upper line is close to the line frame outlet; whether the coil winding appears Cone; there is no bruise or indentation on the surface. After confirming the pass, place the coil in the tote box. When placing it, pay attention to the power terminal must not touch the surface of the coil. After filling a box, you should mark it on the box to prevent confusion.
4. When the coil is tapered or the machine has abnormal sound, the operator should immediately stop the machine and find the equipment maintenance personnel to repair it. It is not allowed to make a claim to avoid material waste and machine damage.

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