What are the advantages of a ring winding machine? What are the components?

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What are the advantages of a ring winding machine? What are the components?

The toroidal winding machine is simply a winding machine for producing a toroidal transformer and a toroidal coil.
The ring winding machine consists of three parts: the machine head, the clamp and the machine base. It is different from the flat wire winding machine. The same machine head can be used for different wire diameters after replacing the wire ring of different specifications. The products of different inner diameters are wound, and the clamps also have corresponding clamping ranges.
The following consumable parts on the general ring winder need to be replaced frequently:
(1) The storage ring, also called the Shuttle, is one of the most important components on the nose to complete the storage and winding work; its quality directly affects the service life and overhead cost. And the quality of the finished product.
(2) The support wheel, also called the guide wheel, the number of different head support wheels is different, and its material has a direct relationship with the service life.
(3) Fixture roller, the life of this component is related to the wire diameter, size and material of the product to be wound.
(4) Belts, edge sliders and other consumable parts.
In general, the ring winding machine not only produces a completely different product than the flat winding machine, but also greatly increases the cost of its entire life cycle. Once the flat winding machine is purchased, generally only the cost of making different tools is generated. After the ring winding machine is purchased, different storage ring and support wheel need to be replaced according to the wire diameter and size of the produced product, since the copper wire is always stored. The side of the wire loop slides out (belt type and side slide type), and the storage loop is unevenly loaded. After a certain period of time, the storage ring and the support wheel need to be replaced to continue production! However, the added value of the toroidal coil is much higher than that of the ordinary wire machine. If necessary, the customer can fully bear the cost of purchasing a ring winding machine.

HY-R23 belt type ring winding machine

This equipment adopts advanced computer CNC system control, and cooperates with stepping motor synchronous cable. It is suitable for winding of various medium-diameter ring-shaped magnetic ring and ring-type iron core transformer, and can store 0-999 different products.
Features and features:
1. The length of the storage line can be set.
2. The degree of editing can be based on product parameters (inner diameter, outer diameter, height, wire diameter, number of turns).
3. The winding speed can be set.
4. The cable mode can be reversed and wound at an angle.
5. Simple operation and power-off protection.
6. The ring type belt type can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. It depends on the customer's product range, and special products can be customized.

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