CNC winding machine manufacturer introduces the cause of abnormal noise in the winding machine

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CNC winding machine manufacturer introduces the cause of abnormal noise in the winding machine

Dongguan Juke winding machine manufacturers have been doing professional quality for winding machines for many years. In the 10 years of exploration and development, we provide professional data reference and correct selection of product specifications before sale. We provide fast logistics services during sale and provide after-sales service. Multiple protections such as professional assembly services and post-use troubleshooting. This is the most worth mentioning of the after-sales service is greater than sales, door-to-door service is in place. Solved the customer's worries, reflecting the atmosphere of the big brand, then the following Juke Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the CNC Winding Machine manufacturers introduced the abnormal noise of the winding machine:

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The certain running sound produced by the winding machine itself during normal operation. This sound is fixed by the winding machine. The normal running sound is mainly caused by the spindle motor, the cable motor, the cooling fan, the mechanical bearing and the moving parts. When the winding machine is running in an abnormal state, some abnormal noise will be generated.
The main cause of abnormal noise of the winding machine is the abnormality of the motor. The motor component is the main power configuration of the winding machine. When the motor is abnormal, it will emit abnormal operation sound. The load is too heavy, the motor bearing is worn and abnormal. The stuck are the main sources of occurrence.
There are many reasons for the noise generated by mechanical components. The lack of lubrication of the components, the abnormal operating position and the wear of the components are the main reasons. Many mechanical parts in the mechanical components of the winding machine should be lubricated during daily maintenance. The key components should be tightened regularly. The winding machine main shaft and the tailstock bearing should be regularly inspected for wear. If the clearance is too large, it should be replaced in time.

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