Juke impregnation machine manufacturer impregnation highlights introduction

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Juke impregnation machine manufacturer impregnation highlights introduction

 Dongguan Juke impregnator manufacturer has been specialized in the production and development of transformer automation equipment, self-produced vacuum impregnation machine user-friendly operation interface, easy to operate, failure rate, beautiful structure, pressure gauge using Japanese SUBX smart pressure gauge and traditional pointer pressure gauge Control vacuum (optional) Vacuum pressure can be preset, high precision and accurate measurement. It can effectively save energy and increase equipment life.

HY-H02 adopts PLC intelligent operating system, featuring high speed, high function and convenient operation. This machine is suitable for electronic transformers, inductor coils, audio coils, motors, hardware accessories and various electronic components vacuum impregnation special equipment. Provide guidance to the operating user to enable correct operation, maintenance, repair, etc. Then the following small series for everyone to introduce the highlights of the Juke impregnation machine manufacturer impregnation machine.

1 The integrated structure of the vacuum pump and the impregnation machine is convenient for operation, handling and maintenance. The structure is beautiful and generous.
2 The impregnated mother tank is made of stainless steel. The impregnated mother tank has a large space and can hold 20 kg of varnish. Just add Ponte Water once a day. Easy to operate, greatly improving production efficiency
3 The impregnated sub-tank is a stainless steel structure with an effective impregnation depth of 0-100mm. It can fully satisfy the high-frequency transformer and inductor impregnation.
4 Adopt PLC touch screen intelligent control system intelligent control system, user-friendly operation interface. Easy to operate, the bottom of the failure rate. And repair. The real-time monitoring shows the running status and effectively uses the local elimination method to arrange the machine fault. Easy maintenance.
5 The control system and structure are fully protected against power outages, power outages, and the original working state will be maintained when the air is stopped. The impregnation machine door will not suddenly open or close. Effectively prevent crushing operators or damage products.
6 Control the impregnated liquid level with a synchronous drive motor roller screw. The impregnation liquid surface is stable and there is no jitter. PLC touch screen control system. The liquid level can be set arbitrarily. The accuracy is controlled within 0.02mm. The setting is simple and can be adjusted and set directly in the PLC operation interface.
7 The design of the impregnation tank mechanism is reasonable. The impregnated master and sub-tanks are of the correct size. The sub-tank does not overflow the varnish water into the impregnation tank during the lifting process. Can reduce raw material waste.
8 The door is opened on all sides for easy maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, etc.
9 Traditional impregnation mode and vacuum pressurized impregnation mode are available. Two impregnation modes are available for optional use. Pressurized impregnation has significant features with existing equipment of the same type. The number of pressurized intake air and the intake cycle can be arbitrarily set.
10 Adopting Japanese SUBX intelligent pressure gauge and traditional pointer pressure gauge to control vacuum (optional) Vacuum pressure can be preset, high precision and accurate measurement. It can effectively save energy and increase equipment life.

HY-Z02 automatic vacuum impregnation machine technical parameters:
Power source: AC380V 50/60HZ
Power: 1HP
Standard impregnation box: 700*640*300mm+ inner groove 660*500*80mm
Impregnation tray: 410*380mm
Machine size: 900*700*1400mm+400*250*300mm
Weight: 300kg+20kg
Remarks: can be customized according to the actual needs of customers

Full-automatic single-cylinder vacuum impregnation machine operation video please click: http://www.cnhuiyue.com/news/news559.html

Juke service: one year free warranty for the host, lifetime cost maintenance

Juke's purpose: integrity management, the pursuit of innovation

Juke warm reminder: buy HY-Z02 horizontal bar automatic vacuum impregnation machine, please look for Dongguan Juke industrial quality manufacturers, in the purchase of our HY-Z02 horizontal bar automatic vacuum impregnation machine, our company will install and debug, after testing department After the test is qualified, it can be shipped. It can also provide installation video teaching to ensure quality. The company has a professional after-sales team. At present, there are more than 500 domestic customers, and the quality is reliable. Welcome to inquire!

 Some Juke cases:

1. Shenzhen Jinhuashun Electronics - The shipment standard rate increased from 60.7% to 96%, the product qualification rate increased from 64% to 98%, and the production capacity increased by 0.8 times.

2. Dongguan Li Minda Electronics - The number of employees is reduced from 300 to 200, and the average output can be increased by 0.5 times.

3.Dongzhong Electronics of Dongguan City——Huawei Electronics directly under the branch, the annual comprehensive output is more than 80000K, and we purchase 8 sets of HY-Z03 parallel bars automatic vacuum impregnation machine.

 Company Name: Dongguan Juke Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
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Dongguan Juke Industrial Automation Equipment Development Co., Ltd. main products are: automatic casing machine, CNC Winding Machine, automatic rubberizing machine, infrared tunnel furnace, vacuum impregnation machine, winding machine manufacturers, plastic packaging machine manufacturers.

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 Juke after-sales: Free warranty within 12 months, lifetime service! Our aim: quality for survival, reputation for development!

National Unified Hotline: 0769-89870552 Fax 0769-86475353

 With high quality products, good reputation and excellent service, Dongguan Juke Industrial sells well in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to Vietnam, South Korea and Oslo. Dedicated to win-win cooperation with domestic and foreign merchants, and common development, create brilliant!

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