Juke winding machine manufacturer enameled wire application introduction

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Juke winding machine manufacturer enameled wire application introduction

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  Dongguan Juke Industrial Automation Equipment Development Co., Ltd. main products are: automatic casing machine, CNC Winding Machine, automatic rubberizing machine, infrared tunnel furnace, vacuum impregnation machine, winding machine manufacturers, plastic packaging machine manufacturers.

With high quality products, good reputation and excellent service, Dongguan Juke Industrial sells well in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to Vietnam, South Korea and other countries. Dedicated to win-win cooperation with domestic and foreign merchants, and common development, create brilliant! Today, Xiaobian introduces you to the enameled wire application.

   First, the diameter

       Due to the miniaturization of electrical products, enameled wires used in camcorders, walkmans, electronic watches, micro-relays, automobiles, motorcycle accessories, electronic instruments, washing machines, television components, etc. are all moving toward a smaller diameter.

   Second, lightweight

      According to the design requirements of electrical products, the lightweight method used in some less demanding applications is to select materials that are lightweight rather than thinner, such as some less demanding micro motors, speaker voice coils, and artificial cardiac pacemakers. Microwave oven transformers, etc., the products are processed by enamelled aluminum wire and enamelled copper clad aluminum wire. These materials have the advantages of light weight and low price compared with our ordinary enamelled copper wire, and also have difficulty in processing and poor weldability. Shortcomings such as low tensile strength.

   Third, self-adhesive

        The special properties of the self-adhesive enameled wire are in the form of a non-skeletal coil that can be wound or impregnated. Mainly used for color TV deflection, speaker voice coil, buzzer, micro motor, electronic transformer and other occasions. According to the different combinations of the bottom paints, different materials have different heat resistance grades, which can meet different use occasions. The variety is quite considerable in terms of electroacoustic and color TV deflection.
  Fourth, high tensile properties

        Due to the thinning of the enameled wire, the market demand for micro-wires is increasing. Considering the small safety tension of the fine wire in the winding process, the winding is easy to break, in order to improve the safety tension and other characteristics, consider the use of processing materials. Alloy copper with other components increases the safety tension greatly, and the conductivity decreases too much.

  Five, the consistency of the winding parameters

         Where there are batch consistency requirements for the resistance, inductance, distributed capacitance and other parameters of the coil to be wound, the tolerances and outer diameter tolerances of the enamelled wire diameter conductors cannot be satisfied only to meet the standards and must be strictly controlled to reduce the tolerance band, which is for the production of enameled wire. Process, production equipment put forward higher requirements, the general production process and domestic enameled wire equipment can not meet this production requirements.

   Sixth, thermal fusibility

       Due to the thermal fuse protection characteristics of the special outer insulation layer of the hot-melt enameled wire, it is widely used in the power transformer and is mostly used for winding the primary coil. When the coil over-current or temperature rise exceeds a certain value, the outer insulation of the enameled wire melts rapidly, causing the power supply to be short-circuit protected to avoid damage to the heart of the machine.

   Seven, heterotyping, large accumulation rate

        In the coil winding process, there is a problem of the volume occupied by the enameled wire in the skeleton. The maximum occupancy rate of the round wire winding is 91%, and the electrical products are developed in the direction of miniaturization, which is bound to require miniaturization of components first. Volume occupancy has become one of the issues that must be considered in coil design. Commonly used methods include square wire and rectangular flat wire, which can increase the volume occupancy rate by up to 96%. It is widely used on high-power speaker voice coils. In addition, in the LITZ wire-wound switching power supply transformer, since the LITZ wire has a relatively large wire diameter, its volume occupation ratio is small. At present, a new method is to use multiple parallel wires for winding, so that the volume occupancy ratio can be used. The LITZ line is increased by 31%. Thus, multiple parallel lines will likely become a new hot spot after the LITZ line, partially replacing the LITZ line.

   Eight, no magnetic and high conductivity

        The copper used in the production of enameled wire contains more or less a small amount of magnetic elements such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other impurities, and some applications need to eliminate these interferences or obtain high conductivity, so the copper is proposed more High requirements, not only have good processing performance and good electrical performance, this aspect has been applied to some high-fidelity digital transmission and some sophisticated instruments.

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