What is the induction motor of the CNC winding machine? How to deal with it?

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What is the induction motor of the CNC Winding Machine? How to deal with it?

Many customers use the winding machine, the operating staff reflects the feeling of being charged. Ask if it is grounded. The answer is very positive. Just insert the three feet on the board. Later, after on-site inspection, there was no ground wire in the plug-in board. Of course, the equipment is not grounded. This phenomenon is very common in smaller companies. Different people, different times, different weathers, and sensitive processes for inductive electricity will be different, so sometimes they feel, sometimes they don't feel, some people feel it, some people don't feel it. In the absence of a regular ground line, how to remove the induction power to ensure that employees will not feel the power? The following is a simple processing method. In order to simulate the situation where there is no ground wire at the scene, the grounding feet of the three-legged plug are specially cut off.

1. After starting the machine, test the induction motor of the winding machine with an electric pen, and the light bulb is bright.

2. Now connect one wire to the winding machine casing and the other wire to the machine. Since the machine has fixed anchor screws, we can use it as a grounding device.

3. Test the induced voltage with a multimeter. The red test pen is in contact with the winding machine casing, and the black test pen is in contact with the wire connected to the machine tool.

 4. What is the induced voltage? AC 108.8V. Next we short the wires connected to the case and the wires connected to the machine. Then measure with an electric pen.

 5. The bulb does not illuminate, and the induction electric current and the machine tool flow into the earth, and the grounding effect is very good. If there is no machine tool, you can also choose water pipes, iron frames and other steel structures buried in the ground as grounding.

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CNC winding machine.jpg

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