Dongguan UV curing oven products clear big picture

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Dongguan UV curing oven products clear big picture

Juke Industrial Development Co., Ltd. specializes in uv UV curing machine. HY-K08 uv UV curing machine offset printing: Offset printing with its fine craftsmanship and rich application has become the mainstream printing process for high-grade printed matter. Offset printing has strict requirements for the deformation and deformation of printed matter and high-speed printing for high efficiency. UV light solidification The matching offset printing of the machine must reach the photo-solid temperature of the printed matter not exceeding 50 °C, so that the printed matter will not be deformed and deformed, and the light-solid speed must reach 8000 sheets/hour. The intelligent automatic paper-receiver can meet the automatic high-speed printing requirements of offset printing. The UV lamp used in the conventional UV curing machine is a high-temperature low-intensity UV lamp. The photo-solid temperature of the printed matter reaches 70 ° C to 90 ° C, and the UV curing speed is 4000 - 5000 sheets / hour, such as increasing the power of the UV lamp. When the light-solid speed is reached, the UV light-solid temperature will increase exponentially, and the strict process requirements of offset printing cannot be achieved.

 Dedicated offset low-temperature high-speed UV curing machine, using imported low-temperature high-intensity UV lamp, low-temperature high-intensity UV lamp is a high-purity mercury lamp produced by high-end technology using high-purity illuminating electrode and charging high-precision illuminating gas with high proportion The working current is small, the temperature is low, the intensity is high, the luminous temperature of the conventional UV lamp is 40% lower than the same specification, and the luminous intensity is higher than 100%. The low-speed high-speed UV light curing machine with offset printing is equipped with an intelligent high-speed automatic delivery machine, and the UV light is printed. The solid temperature is controlled at 45 °C, and the UV light solidification speed is over 9000 sheets/hour. It meets the low temperature and high speed process conditions of offset printing, and is widely used in large-scale printing industries such as cigarette label packaging printing, color printing packaging printing and so on. UV UV curing machine extensive drying function: wood, plywood, furniture, steel, building materials, lenses, leather, etc. After drying with UV coating, split plane UV curing machine, box UV curing machine, portable UV curing machine , touch uv light solid machine, desktop uv light solid machine and other types.

UV curing oven

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Coating curing oven
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Hot air circulation curing oven

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Transformer-specific curing oven

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Resin lens curing oven
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Small uv curing machine

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UV Curing Furnace Company Headquarters

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The above is the introduction of the clear blueprint of Dongguan UV curing oven products. If you need to buy or customize the UV curing oven, you can contact our company and contact our business staff for purchase or customization. Thank you.

I am Dongguan Juke Industrial Development Co., Ltd., our company is a transformer automation production equipment supplier.

The following are the company introductions of our company and some mechanical equipments produced and supplied by our company. If you need to purchase or customize these mechanical equipments, you need to purchase or customize the automatic production equipment of transformers. You can contact our company and contact our business staff for purchase or customization. ,Thank you.

Dongguan Juke Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a professional automation workshop production line solution provider for high frequency transformer peripheral equipment.

Juke Industry is dominated by Taiwanese technology, and all raw materials are selected and processed in strict accordance with Taiwan Standard Huai, and with the excellent technology and professional services to create maximum value for customers, and determined to become the world's high-frequency transformer automation equipment program The leading brand.
Juke Industry adheres to European standards. The product series include: transformer inserter, transformer EI inserter, ei type transformer automatic inserter, transformer core inserter, transformer automatic casing machine,Transformer automatic through insulation casing machine, transformer core assembly machine, Transformer core assembly rubberizing machine, (automatic core assembly + bag tape + test + wobble plate), transformer winding machine, transformer automatic winding machine, transformer automatic coil winding machine, Transformer Core Automatic Winding Machine,CNC winding machine, CNC automatic Winding machine, CNC coil winding machine, CNC single-axis winding machine, Coil Spindle Winding MachineSingle Spindle Winding Machine,single-axis coil automatic winding machine, single-axis winding machine, double-axis winding machine, multi-axis winding machine, 6/8/16/ 12-axis automatic winding machine, 6/8/16/12-axis automatic transformer winding machine, automatic winding + wrapping tape machine, (USB charger automatic coating machine), automatic rubberizing machine, semi-automatic wrapping tape Machine, transformer double pressing automatic rubberizing machine, transformer magnetic ring inductance double pressing automatic rubberizing machine, vacuum impregnation machine, (with single and double cylinder difference: single cylinder automatic vacuum impregnation machine, double cylinder automatic vacuum impregnation machine ),Vacuum pressure impregnation electric motor equipmentvacuum pressure impregnation process for transformersvacuum pressure impregnation (vpi), automatic soldering machine and semi-automatic soldering machine (also called flip solder) ), transformer flip soldering machine, transformer flip automatic soldering machine,Angular Soldering MachineTransformer Angular Soldering Machine,double head soldering machine, desktop automatic dispensing machine, full vision COB dispensing machine, magnetic ring inductance pulling and shearing machine, magnetic ring inductance automatic foot machine ,Automatic locking screw machine, double Y-axis coordinate type automatic locking screw machine, transformer filling vacuum defoaming machine, transformer copper foil adhesive machine, computer cutting wire stripping machine,automatic taping machineautomatic coil taping machineTransformer Automatic Taping Machinetransformer core taping machine,transformer comprehensive tester, automatic constant temperature oven, infrared tunnel furnace , UV curing furnace, baking line,Transformer assembly production linecore automation production line and other high-frequency transformer peripheral automation equipment, products are widely used in high and low frequency transformers, ballasts and motor manufacturers. In order to meet the needs of the market, in 2008, an branch of Yixiu District, Anqing City, Anhui Province, formed a group of professional and technical personnel to provide quality services to customers.

The following is the contact information of our company. If you need to purchase or customize the above listed machinery and equipment, you need to buy or customize the transformer automatic production equipment. You can contact our company and contact our business staff for purchase or customization. Thank you.
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HUIYUECNautomation main product series: transformer magnetic core automaticwinding machine, automatic tape machine, automatic vacuum impregnationmachine, automatic flip soldering machine, and so on,Products are widely used in high and low frequency transformers, inductors, ballasts and motor manufacturers.Transformer manufacturers prefer a one-stop solution.

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