HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace common fault handling

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HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace common fault handling

 HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace is mainly used for baking, constant temperature and heat treatment of PCB circuit boards, high frequency transformers, electronic components and other electronic products. It has long service life and meets international high temperature line: 62, 42 standard, fully automatic Temperature control, saving 2-5 times than traditional vertical oven, saving more than 30%, high working efficiency, leading temperature increase rate of 20% in the industry, quality assurance, all the machine materials are genuine, choose new domestic insulation Strong material and heat insulation, vacuum-gold-plated infrared reinforced film on the outer surface, good temperature resistance, can work continuously for more than 6000 hours, fully automatic temperature control, save 2-5 times than traditional vertical oven, save more than 30% The work efficiency is high, and the conveyor head adopts a spiral method to adjust the tightness of the mesh belt, which is beautiful and durable. For the purchase of high-quality tunnel furnaces, please look for the Juke patented products in Dongguan to produce the cost of drip drop for your company, and increase the profit in seconds and seconds. Juke Xiaobian collects the information of our HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace for everyone, and does the same for the common fault handling of infrared tunnel furnace. For details, please read the following article:

Present image

First, the wind motor does not operate counterclockwise

Second, the conveyor belt is abnormal

Third, the conveyor belt does not move

Fourth, the lamp is not bright

Fifth, the temperature is abnormal, high and low

Sixth, the temperature is not displayed or the thermometer is abnormal.

Seven, the temperature display does not match the actual temperature

the reason

1. The machine does not match the required phase of the motor when it is powered on.

1. The chain gear is loose, leaning to one side
2. String rods are not parallel chain skipping teeth

1. The line is loose
2. Transport motor damage
3. Speed controller is damaged

1. Lamp damage
2. The power supply is out of phase (usually several lamps are not lit at the same time)
3. Bad line contact
4. Controller damage

1. The temperature sensor is bad
2. The temperature line is in poor contact

1. The temperature control table is bad
2. The temperature sensor is bad or the temperature line is off.

1. There is systematic error

Processing method

1. After the shutdown, exchange the two lines of the three incoming lines of the incoming line, change the phase

1. Re-adjust the sprocket position and lock it

1. Check the line and measure whether the working voltage of the motor is normal.
2. Check if the motor or controller is damaged. If it is damaged, please return it to the factory for repair.

1. Replace the lamp
2. Measure whether the input three-phase voltage is normal, or detect the lamp line
3. Check the lamp line
4. Controller returns to factory for repair

1. Replace the temperature sensor
2. Relock the temperature sensor connector

1. Replace the temperature control table
2. Replace the temperature sensing line
3. Connect the temperature line

1. Modify the SC parameters
For the specific debugging method, see the temperature correction column of temperature control.

Juke tunnel furnace control panel
Juke tunnel furnace control panel.jpg

Juke Tunnel Furnace Timer
Juke Tunnel Furnace Timer.jpg

Tunnel furnace inverter debugging
Tunnel furnace inverter debugging.jpg

Juke tunnel furnace box protection

Juke tunnel furnace box protection.jpg

The above is the introduction of common fault handling of HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace. If you need to purchase or customize HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace, please contact our company and contact our business staff for purchase or customization. Thank you.

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