What is the efficiency and quality of the transformer automatic casing machine?

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What is the efficiency and quality of the transformer automatic casing machine?

What is the efficiency and quality of the transformer automatic casing machine?

Themanual bushing of the transformer has fallen behind. At present, thetransformer bushing is becoming more and more strict, and the automaticcasing machine is used for wearing. The Huiyue automatic casing machinecan set the length of the casing, automatically send the pipe, andautomatically cut the pipe. Cut, whether it is standard or efficiency will be greatly improved.

HY-R20automatic casing machine is installed on single-axis CNC windingmachine for high-frequency transformer processing. It is suitable forthe use of high-frequency transformer bushings. It is easy to use withCNC, quick to get started, guarantee quality, automatic machine Trimming reduces the fatigue strength of the operator, which isconducive to improving production efficiency and reducing thefeasibility of cost.

1.Automatic casing casing opportunity to use the winding personnel toentangle the copper wire head around the PIN foot and the loading andunloading time to fully cut the casing to the specified length, andautomatically wear the copper wire head to the casing for use. When the copper wire hanging leg is pulled, the sleeve is already wornon the copper wire head, and only needs to be positioned by hand whilepulling the wire (this action takes less than 0.5 seconds), and thecasing can be directly used.

2.The working hours required for the automatic casing machine arecompletely overlapped in the manual working hours by the mechanism. Eachwinding (which needs to be sleeved) can save at least 5.5 seconds ofworking time, greatly improving the production efficiency and reducing Manufacturing costs.

3, Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine the machine automatically cut the line, reducing the fatiguestrength of the operator, which is conducive to improving productionefficiency.

4. The casing is automatically cut by the mechanism, no need topre-process, reducing the processing time and saving investment costs.

5. The qualification requirements for operators are reduced, and new employees can quickly become skilled workers.

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