Long-term supply charger pin machine, mobile phone charger pin machine, charger case insert hardware device

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Long-term supply charger pin machine, mobile phone charger pin machine, charger case insert hardware device

 HY-J01 charger automatic pin machine parameter configuration
1. Voltage: 220V
2. Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa (requires gas storage tank to ensure stable gas source pressure)
3. Import programmable controller control (PLC) button operation and visual touch screen control.
4. Scope of application: round needle, flat needle, direct charge, seat charge and universal charge
5. Automatic troubleshooting, and production volume and accumulation
6. The vibrating plate is automatically fed, and the shell material has automatic returning function.
7. Capacity: ≥60~80Pcs/Min
8. Adjustable mold spacing
This machine is a non-standard automatic equipment designed for automatic pin insertion of various chargers. It is mainly used for automatic riveting of plastic case and hardware pins of chargers. It is a leap from traditional manual operation to automatic operation, greatly improving production efficiency. To ensure quality and reduce costs.
HY-J01 charger automatic pin machine function description
(1) Parts are automatically loaded by vibrating plate.
(2) Automatic detection, material operation, automatic material alarm and shutdown.
(3) Current production count, total production count, and output setting.
(4) The interlocking function of the mechanism part, the fault automatically stops and stops, and an error message is displayed.
(5) Adopt industrial programmable controller program, touch screen control, visual and intuitive, simple and safe operation; more humanized and intelligent.

HY-J01 charger automatic pin machine operation instructions
Power on (Note: first open the air, then turn on the power)
(1). Turn on the air source switch (sliding switch).
(2). Turn on the vibration disk controller power switch.
(3). Turn on the main power switch and control the power switch.
Note: The machine has been adjusted to the standard pressure of 0.5Mpa when it leaves the factory.

Touch screen operation
(1). Touch screen main interface:
(2) enter the main interface
Introduction to screen functions and operations
Key function description:
Manual/Auto: Auto and manual switch buttons, click to enter automatic or manual mode
Single action / cycle: single action and cycle switch button, click to enter single action or cycle mode
Before switching to the automatic or cyclic operation mode, you must first check whether the manual operation of each button is off.
Start: Switch to automatic operation mode, press this key shell to run automatically. (Note: same as the green button function)
Stop: Press this button to stop the machine. (Note: same as the red button function)
Reset: After clicking this button, each working position will return to the original state.
Cleared currently: Clears the current output data (tap for more than 1 second).
Operation introduction: Screen switching button.
Integrated menu: Screen switch button, click to enter the integrated menu screen.
Output display area: It is used to display the status display of each working position. When it is in the working state, it displays a red light.
Numerical display area: used to display the working status data.
Status display: Used to display the current status information of the machine. (including the display of fault content when the runtime is faulty)
(3) Comprehensive menu
In the main interface, click the integrated menu button to enter
Manual operation area:
After selecting the manual mode, click the button. Each button represents a single action, and the button will display ‘ON’ when turned on.
Input display area:
Display the current input status.
Detection selection area:
The machine is equipped with three optical fiber detections, one for the rubber case and two for the hardware detection. Click here to select whether the detection of each position is valid or invalid (in the effective state, once the rubber case or hardware is short, the machine will stop working and the alarm information will be displayed; if it is invalid, this status cannot be detected).
Easy troubleshooting
When a fault occurs during operation or is not working properly or cannot work normally, the fault can be released according to the alarm information prompt on the touch screen.
The following are simple troubleshooting methods:
The machine cannot enter automatic production
1. Check the power supply and air supply. 2. Each sensor is not in the original position. 3. Adjust the sensor position until the light is on. 4. The automatic operation mode is not turned on. 5. Turn on the automatic operation mode. 6. The shell is abnormally detected. 7. Check the plastic shell is normal
Automatic shutdown
1. The current quantity reaches the set quantity. 2. The product count is zero. 3. The plastic case or hardware is not in place. 4. Check the plastic case or hardware until normal operation.
Midway downtime
1. The mechanical part is stuck or not in place. 2. View the touch screen status information and follow the prompts to troubleshoot. 3. The plastic case or hardware is not in place. 4. Check the plastic case or hardware until normal operation.
Poor pin
1. Push the rubber shell cylinder to the exact position. 2. Adjust the limit screw of the rubber shell push rod. 3. The pressure is too deep or too shallow. 4. Adjust the limit screw of the cylinder. 5. There are scratches on the surface of the rubber case. 6. Check the clamps of the plastic shell positioning and handle them accordingly.

Mobile phone charger automatic pin machine
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Charger automatic pin machine
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Power charger automatic pin machine
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Semi-automatic charger pin machine 1
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Semi-automatic charger pin machine 2
Semi-automatic charger pin machine 2.jpg

Product Figure 1
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Product Figure 2
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Product Figure 3
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Charger pin machine production workshop 1
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Charger pin machine production workshop 2

Charger pin machine production workshop 2.jpg

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