Juke Industry solves the problem of customer CNC winding machine

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Juke Industry solves the problem of customer CNC winding machine
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 Today, Juke Industry Xiaobian explains the problems that occur when customers use the CNC Winding Machine, and specifically summarizes several questions and answers:

 Problem: cnc winding machine winding deformation
Cause: The wrap is deformed by winding multiple layers.

 Problem: cnc winding machine is just too far ahead or too behind
Cause: There is no vertical phenomenon between the outlet and the object being wounded).
Question: Is the cable coupling faster or slower?
Reason: Fine-tune the wire diameter: the faster = the smaller, the slower = the bigger.

 Problem: The cable is too thin or too dense
Cause: The foil winding machine wire diameter setting is incorrect.
Problem: Both ends turn too fast or too slow
Cause: The width setting is incorrect: too fast because the width is not enough, too slow because the width is too large.

Problem: The diameter of the wire marked by the enameled wire is the actual wire diameter.
The reason for setting the wire diameter must be the correct thickness of the lacquer bag. After the winding machine is completed, the rewinding of the cable reel (the displacement of the low-pressure foil winding machine) also has an effect. To loosen the cable, the starting point is preferably forward, and the width is preferably reduced a little.

 In the future, Dongguan Juke Industrial Officer will continue to update the problem of solving the customer CNC winding machine.

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