Automatic casing machine wears 0.7mm three insulated wire operation video

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Automatic casing machine wears 0.7mm three insulated wire operation video

 Juko Industrial employees got customer samples today, three 0.7-layer insulated wires, 14L Teflon casings, because the three 0.7-three insulated wires are relatively large, the required accuracy is very high, and our staff has debugged our company HY- R20 automatic casing machine can completely use three 0.7mm insulated wire to wear 14L Teflon casing. Please watch the following video for details. Let's take a look at the characteristics of our HY-R20 casing machine:

 The staff continued to observe the stability of the 0.7mm insulated wire in the automatic casing machine operation. The HY-R20 automatic casing machine was observed for two days without interruption. Its operation was very smooth and very stable during operation. Our company constantly tests and sets two short 14L casing operation and single-sleeve operation, as well as the entire tangential line operation. Please check the video already.

HY-R20 automatic casing machine - features:

1. Microcomputer control, easy to operate.
2, all Chinese CNC single-chip control display
3, the length of the casing can be adjusted, the size is accurate.
4, copper wire adjustable, suitable for the majority of casing transformer production.
5. It is convenient to use with CNC, get started quickly, guarantee quality and improve production efficiency.
6, the length of the casing can be arbitrarily set, the beginning and end can be selected.
7. This automatic casing machine can be divided into two tubes.
8, this machine is suitable for any brand burning machine, can be used directly after installation. Very convenient.
9, the function is very powerful: automatic feeding sleeve, automatic cutting, automatic casing.
10, the lead wire is automatically sent out, automatically complete the casing operation.

 Giant staff specially reminded: If you buy some automatic casing machine manufacturers whose quality is not enough, because the line is very thick and very large, it will appear when the thread is passed through the casing. If the incoming line is not in place and the return line is not in the line, the knot is knotted at the line. After the fault occurs, the automatic casing machine needs to be re-commissioned and re-threaded, which greatly affects the efficiency. Recently, Huawei directly affiliated to Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Signed 100 sets of HY-R20 automatic casing machine with our company. For details, please visit
Just started debugging:

Two short 14L casings operate:

Single and casing operation:

Whole tangential line operation

 Please select the appropriate nozzle and outlet. According to the specifications of the Teflon tube, make a reasonable choice. The following figure shows the Teflon tube specification sheet.
Automatic casing machine wears 0.7mm three insulated wire operation video.jpg

Nozzle selection: 0.05mm ≤ nozzle specification - wire diameter specification ≤ 0.1mm
For example, the actual diameter of the wire diameter is 0.43mm, and the wire diameter of 0.5mm is selected.

Nozzle selection: Take the Teflon tube and choose the nozzle that is closest to it. (Note that the first opening nozzle should clean the front of the nozzle)
Selection of Teflon tube: Determine the specifications of the Teflon tube according to the selected nozzle
0.05 to 0.2mm ≤ Teflon tube minimum internal warp - nozzle specifications
For example: 0.5 nozzle, then the selected tube can choose 24L tube (the minimum limit) 23L tube (just right) 22L (relatively large)

The above is the automatic casing machine wearing 0.7mm three insulated wire operation video, if you need to buy or customize the automatic casing machine, please contact our company, contact our business staff to buy or customize, thank you.

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