Five-point infrared tunnel furnace cost-effective introduction

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Five-point infrared tunnel furnace cost-effective introduction

 Dongguan Juke Industry specializes in the research and development of HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace field, long service life, in line with international high temperature line: 62, 42 standard, fully automatic temperature control, 2-5 times less than traditional vertical oven, power saving 30% Above, high work efficiency, heating rate leading the industry's products 20%, mainly for PCB circuit boards, high-frequency transformers, electronic components and other electronic products baking, constant temperature, heat treatment and other processes, quality assurance, all the machine materials are Authentic Dachang factory, buy high-quality tunnel furnace, please look for Dongguan Juke patented products, for your company to produce bit by bit drop cost, every second and second increase in efficiency, the company also sells a variety of infrared lamps, the full range, replacement Strong, then Juke Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the price of infrared tunnel furnace.
  Infrared tunnel furnace is a kind of equipment that uses infrared products to heat products and food in the furnace. It is also a common food tunnel furnace on the market. Traditional tunnel furnaces use coal and fuel as fuel for heating. Since the energy crisis, countries around the world have developed various conservation and alternative energy technologies to improve energy efficiency and diversify energy. The radiant heating method has proven to be one of the most efficient heating and drying techniques due to its particularity, and is widely used to replace conventional hot air heating and drying systems.
The radiant heating method includes infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, microwaves and laser lamps. Among them, infrared rays are the most convenient and most commonly used. The working principle of the infrared tunnel furnace is basically the principle of infrared electromagnetic radiation heat transfer. Directly heat transfer to achieve the purpose of heating and drying objects, thereby avoiding the energy loss caused by heating the heat transfer medium, saving energy, and at the same time, the infrared rays are easy to produce, controllable and good, and have rapid heating and drying time. Short, increased productivity, improved product quality and equipment space savings.
In the electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength between red light and microwave. Outside the range of visible light, the wavelength is longer than red light and has a significant thermal effect. Infrared drying technology utilizes its unique thermal effects. Infrared rays are easily absorbed by objects and have the characteristics of radiation, penetrating power and electromagnetic waves having special affinity for polar substances such as water molecules. They penetrate deep into the material and are converted into internal energy of the object, so that the object can be dried in a very short time. The required thermal energy, both internal and external, is more effective and completely removes the bound water in the material, thereby achieving a more ideal drying effect, thereby greatly improving the drying speed and improving the quality of the product.
The price of the infrared tunnel furnace:
1. Infrared rays have penetrating power and can be heated both inside and outside. In general heating mode, heat is conducted from one end of the object to be heated to the other end or from the surface of the object to be heated to the inside of the object to be heated. Therefore, the heated object may be unevenly heated, the heating process is slow, and the efficiency is not high. not ideal. The infrared energy can be simultaneously heated inside and outside, so that the heated object can be uniformly heated, so that the desired drying requirement can be achieved and the quality of the desired dry object can be guaranteed and improved.
2. The infrared tunnel furnace is heated by the internal, because there is no surface conjunctiva, it can improve the efficiency of 2~3 times, so as to achieve energy-saving effect;
3. The production line is short, because of the high efficiency of heating and drying, it only takes tens of minutes to complete, thus saving space and shortening the production process. Save labor and factory labor costs. The shortening of the heating time means energy saving, and it is an effective way to save energy by shortening the heating time.
4. Simultaneous control and reduction of non-performing rate Heating equipment can be controlled synchronously with the production line to reduce deformation or foaming of the product due to the heating of the product in the furnace. The heating device can send the heat radiation to the heating effect within 1, 2 seconds, the production line is stopped, and the heating can be immediately released to avoid the product being defective.
5. It can be controlled in stages to increase applicability and achieve a uniform temperature and stable heating process. Temperature control is easy, and the temperature rises quickly, and it is safer. The infrared tunnel furnace has low thermal inertia, does not require warming up, saves manpower, and saves costs for the enterprise.

 Stainless steel infrared tunnel furnace
 Stainless steel infrared tunnel furnace.jpg

Stainless steel mesh belt tunnel furnace (encrypted)
Stainless steel mesh belt tunnel furnace (encrypted).jpg

Juke tunnel furnace baking diagram
Juke tunnel furnace baking diagram.jpg

Juke tunnel furnace working diagram
Juke tunnel furnace working diagram.jpg

Juke tunnel furnace work diagram 1

Juke tunnel furnace work diagram 1.jpg

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