High standard high precision 12-axis automatic transformer winding machine HY-R18

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High standard high precision 12-axis automatic transformer winding machine HY-R18
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 High standard high precision 12-axis automatic Transformer Winding Machine HY-R18 high standard high precision 12-axis automatic transformer winding machine HY-R18. Using precision tension controller to provide accurate and smooth tension control, let the product be wound The process is more complete. The skeleton in-position detecting device can detect the skeleton that is not put in place, and promptly alarm and stop, ensure that the guide pin is not interrupted, and the model is easy to replace. It only needs to call the appropriate program and replace the fixture. The base is welded seamlessly with steel plate. Significant, noise reduction and vibration reduction, increase the stability of the machine. The fuselage uses high-quality resin sand advanced casting. Password storage function to prevent non-related personnel from modifying the program. The transmission system uses Panasonic AC servo motor for accurate positioning. Each step of the high-speed spindle assembly undergoes strict quality control, high speed, low noise and long service life. This machine is a casting part, the machine is more rigid, the precision is high, and the precision of the cable is stable and reliable.

 High standard high precision 12-axis automatic transformer winding machine HY-R18, this series of models and automatic feeding system, automatic soldering system, automatic detection system, etc., can synthesize automated production lines; 8 axes (HY-R13) Standard, 12-axis (HY-R18), 16-axis (HY-R16). This series of winding machines has novel appearance design, simple structure, excellent performance, easy operation, less failure and convenient maintenance. Programming method: touch screen programming, providing human-computer interaction teaching system, realizing WYSIWYG programming effects. Switching power supply transformer, EE transformer, EI transformer, coil type, pump type, valve type, relay, motor (cover pole / household Electrical motor) coils, and special products. The winding machine uses Japan's most advanced CNC engine controller. This controller has excellent functions such as straight line, circular interpolation and screw wrapping. The skeleton terminals are arranged in a random arrangement in the vertical and horizontal directions; the nozzles can be set at 0, 90, and can be wound at various angles at one time. The company develops its own operating system, adopts PC programming mode to realize man-machine dialogue, easy to operate, and adopts imported guide rails and lead screws to ensure the positioning of the machine and the accuracy of repeated positioning.

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