How to distinguish the quality of UV curing oven?

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How to distinguish the quality of UV curing oven?
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  Today Juke Xiaobian shared for you how to distinguish the quality of UV curing oven, then let us first understand the six components of UV curing oven, respectively: control part, UV curing machine, ventilation part, light source Part, the transfer part and the box are formed. However, is the design of these six parts reasonable? The quality of the parts is the key to the quality of the UV curing oven. Please read the following:

The part of the light source is now mainly composed of components such as UV lamps, ballasts, lampshades and triggers.

At present, domestic UV machines mainly use high-pressure mercury lamps as UV light sources. High-pressure mercury lamps are relatively inexpensive, so they have a wide range of applications. At present, there are many manufacturers of high-pressure mercury lamps in China, and the manufacturing process is different. The main difference is that the material used in the lamp is generally between 600-1000 hours. When the life of the UV lamp is reached. It is recommended to replace it immediately, because the current UV light intensity will be weakened, which will affect the curing effect. Of course, the number and power of the lamps contained in a UV machine are not as good as possible. It depends on the actual production level of the UV machine. Otherwise, the UV lamp power is too large or too small to affect the product curing effect.

Aluminum must be used on the UV lamp reflector. Iron or stainless steel cannot be used. Because the stainless steel plate will turn black under the action of high temperature, it will not only have the effect of reflecting light after blackening, but also absorb light. Therefore, the best reflective effect is that it is a mirror-aluminum plate with a reflectivity of over 80%, which improves the utilization of ultraviolet rays.

Of course, UV lamp ballasts and capacitors need to be selected according to the power of the UV lamp, thereby ensuring that the lamp can work at full power and will not be burned.

The difference is the UV machine, so the choice of the fan is also different. The choice of the fan power is determined by the power of the UV lamp and the space selection of the box. Relatively using the high-power UV lamp and using the low-power fan will inevitably result. If the heat is not good, the temperature inside the machine will directly lead to shorten the service life of the parts.

If you want to accurately control the temperature, the UV machine should use the temperature controller, so when purchasing the UV machine, you should carefully ask the ventilation system to ensure that the UV machine has good ventilation. This is because the ventilation system If something goes wrong, it is very difficult to repair and renovate.

The part of the transmission is composed of a conveyor belt, a frequency converter, a geared motor, a chain and a drum.

There are many brands of inverters and geared motors on the market, and the quality is not the same. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to the resolution when purchasing UV machines. It is best to use inverters and geared motors with very reliable quality, especially inverters. The repair rate is extremely high.

Finally, the UV chassis is probably the most overlooked part, and the machines with the same shape are different. The internal structure may have many differences. Many of the poor quality UV machines have problems in the design of the cabinet. The wiring inside the cabinet is disorderly, the ventilation is not good, and there is no interlayer. These factors directly lead to the normal performance of the UV machine, which is inconvenient for subsequent maintenance. Touch screen UV curing machine

Now I believe everyone knows that more and more factories have adopted the technology of UV technology. With the growth of our living standards, the current UV machines have been widely used in the furniture industry, flooring industry, building materials. Industry, printing, etc. in the industry. Therefore, the update trend of UV equipment will inevitably result in a certain amount of cost investment. There are many varieties of UV machines on the market, and the quality is also uneven. If the buyer accidentally purchases a poor quality UV device, it will not only increase the economic benefits, but also may cause problems due to machine failure, resulting in production failure. This is very serious! Therefore, choosing and purchasing a UV machine is also a unique insight. There is no best UV machine, only the most suitable UV machine. I wish you all the best to buy good UV equipment.

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