Simple method for disassembly and assembly of infrared tunnel furnace

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Simple method for disassembly and assembly of infrared tunnel furnace

HY-K02 infrared tunnel furnace adopts independent temperature zone isolation structure, far infrared ceramic heating plate or ceramic black crystal tube heating, and the infrared irradiation surface is wide without dead angle. The system can be equipped with an enhanced venting mechanism to further improve the temperature uniformity and cleanliness of the product environment. The control adopts single-loop intelligent adjustment mode, which has the characteristics of stable temperature control and convenient adjustment. Very suitable for mass production of factory companies. The tunnel furnace is designed and manufactured by foreign advanced technology, with advanced structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and beautiful appearance. The high-tech insulation material has good heat insulation performance and strong heat preservation. The heating technology adopts far-infrared heating technology, and the heating elements are arranged reasonably and the energy consumption is low. The internal hot air circulation makes the temperature in the furnace more uniform and without holes, ensuring the quality of the oven products. The tunnel furnace also adopts a precise temperature control system, which is controlled by PID microcomputer. There are three internal heating zones, indirect drying, and the moisture content of the products dried by the tunnel furnace is low. The working principle of the infrared tunnel furnace is generally to use the far infrared to warm the furnace, and then the interior is made of ceramic and stainless steel, so that the infrared light can shine into every corner of the furnace, and then uniformly heat up and transfer the energy. Give the object.

Juke tunnel furnace working diagram
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Juke tunnel furnace work diagram 1
Simple method for disassembly and assembly of infrared tunnel furnace.jpg

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