Global supply transformer dipping paint drying far infrared tunnel furnace equipment

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Global supply transformer dipping paint drying far infrared tunnel furnace equipment
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 Global supply transformer dipping paint drying far infrared tunnel furnace equipment global supply transformer dipping paint drying far infrared tunnel furnace equipment. Heating method uses imported heating tube heating design; inner layer is made of 1.2 galvanized sheet or stainless steel plate. It can be used in connection with the production line, synchronous control, reducing defects; the size of the drying furnace is determined according to production requirements; it is mainly composed of three parts: conveyor system, drying furnace, and control system. According to the customer's requirements, the power and temperature are customized. The baked product is heated inside and outside, the internal and external temperature difference is small, no deformation, no discoloration, and the quality is stable. The insulation layer is made of 80mm thick high-density silicate rock wool insulation, and the outer layer temperature is not more than The ambient temperature is 25 °C. The heating method adopts short-wave infrared IR heating tube, which can quickly penetrate the inner layer and reach the surface drying. The power supply is 380V6KW, and it takes only 10 minutes from room temperature to 120 °C. In advance, the product does not need to be left after roasting, shortening the working hours and reducing the pollution; the fuselage is made by Fangtong, and the sectional design structure is convenient for disassembly and installation. Body color baking powder (spraying) color is high-gloss ash (other colors provide a sample optional).

 Global supply transformer dipping paint drying far infrared tunnel furnace equipment, fully automatic temperature control, fast baking speed and high efficiency, can save about 2-6 times, greatly shorten the production and shipping cycle; the technology of the transmission network can be customized according to requirements Mesh belt. Infrared lamp: surface vacuum gold-plated infrared enhancement film, the length can be set according to customer requirements. Continuous working life of more than 6000 hours. The furnace door repair door lock uses a fast clip hard steel lock, which makes the switch door easy and convenient. The furnace mouth is provided with upper and lower adjustment doors, which are adjusted for different product heights to ensure that the heat energy is not lost. The bottom of the adjustment caster foot cup is easy to move and position, adjust the height and level. Multi-stage independent PID temperature control, uniform temperature inside the furnace. Transmission speed frequency conversion. Unique built-in fan design forced air extraction device, solvent residue is less dangerous, explosion-proof, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. Nissan (RKC700) thermostat is used, and the temperature uniformity is ±2 °C. The outside air is heated in the oven and kept in the tank up and down and left and right, and the remaining exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust port. The external temperature of the casing is close to the ambient temperature, the furnace cavity is clean and the working environment is comfortable, and the energy waste is reduced. The stepless constant temperature control system is adopted, and the product quality is stable. Professionally used for baking high frequency, low frequency, transformer and metal plastic products. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, chemicals, toys, printing, hardware, silk screen, food, medicine, footwear, handicrafts and other drying operations. Speed regulation or electromagnetic speed regulation, easy to adjust, stable operation and high production efficiency. Because the energy transmission per unit area is large, the volume is small, the space is saved, and the construction cost is saved; the room temperature is ~200 °C, and the temperature difference inside the box is ±5 °C. With over-temperature alarm automatic power-off device, double temperature control, to avoid high temperature burnout products when temperature control fails. The handle on the other side of the furnace side is equipped with a handle for easy maintenance.

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