HY-K03 far infrared blast drying oven performance introduction

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HY-K03 far infrared blast drying oven performance introduction
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HY-K03 far infrared blast drying oven performance introduction

1. Check the oil level position frequently. If it does not meet the requirements, it must be adjusted to meet the requirements. When operating with a vacuum pump, the oil level is at the center of the oil standard.
2. Check the oil quality frequently and find that the oil should be replaced in time to ensure that the vacuum pump works normally.
3. The oil change period is considered according to the actual use conditions and whether the performance requirements can be met, at the discretion of the user. Generally, when the new vacuum pump is used to remove clean and dry gas, it is recommended to change the oil once every 100 hours. After the black metal powder is not visible in the oil, the oil change period can be extended in the future.
4. Under normal circumstances, the vacuum pump should be inspected after 2000 hours of operation, check the aging degree of the silicone seal, check whether the exhaust valve is cracked, and clean the dirt deposited on the valve plate and the exhaust valve seat. Clean the parts of the entire vacuum pump chamber, such as rotors, rotary vanes, springs, etc. Usually cleaned with gasoline and dried. After cleaning the rubber parts, dry them with a dry cloth. Care should be taken when cleaning and assembling.
5. Conditionally clean the tube to ensure that the pipeline is unblocked.
6. After re-assembly, test operation should be carried out. Generally, it must be run for 2 hours and change oil twice. Because there will be a certain amount of volatile substances in the vacuum pump during cleaning, it will be put into normal operation after the operation is normal.
7. Check the vacuum pump piping and joints for looseness. Turn the vacuum pump by hand to see if the vacuum pump is flexible.
8. Add bearing lubrication oil to the bearing body. Observe that the oil level should be at the center line of the oil mark. The lubricating oil should be replaced or replenished in time.
9. Unscrew the water plug screw of the pump body of the vacuum pump and pour the water (or the slurry).
10. Close the gate valve and outlet pressure gauge of the outlet pipe and the inlet vacuum gauge.
11. Jog the motor and check if the motor is turning correctly.
12. Start the motor. When the vacuum pump is running normally, open the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum pump. After it shows the appropriate pressure, gradually open the gate valve and check the motor load.
13. Try to control the flow rate and lift of the vacuum pump within the range indicated on the label to ensure that the vacuum pump operates at the highest efficiency point to obtain the maximum energy saving effect.
14. During the operation of the vacuum pump, the bearing temperature should not exceed the ambient temperature of 35C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 80C.
15. If you find that the vacuum pump has abnormal sound, stop it immediately and check the cause.
16. When the vacuum pump is to be stopped, first close the gate valve and pressure gauge, then stop the motor.
17. The vacuum pump will change the lubricating oil after 100 hours in the first month of operation, and change the oil once every 500 hours.
18. Regularly adjust the packing gland to ensure that the dripping in the packing chamber is normal (it is better to make a drip leak).
19. Regularly check the wear of the bushings and replace them when they are worn out.
20. When the vacuum pump is used in the cold winter season, after parking, the water plug of the lower part of the pump body should be unscrewed to release the medium. Prevent freezing cracks.
21. The vacuum pump should be deactivated for a long time. It is necessary to disassemble the pump completely, wipe off the moisture, and apply the grease to the rotating parts and joints, and keep them in a safe place.

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