Guangzhou Kunyang electronic on-site automatic casing machine installation guide pin video

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Guangzhou Kunyang electronic on-site automatic casing machine installation guide pin video

Dongguan Juke Industry recently signed an agreement with Guangzhou Kunyang Electronics to set up two automatic casing machines, one for the monochrome casing machine and one for the two-color casing machine. The machine was sent to the machine on March 10, 2015. The casing machine is mainly made of 0.1mm copper wire single-through casing, 30L Teflon casing, casing length 10mm, two-color casing machine is mainly used for subsequent insulation line separation step, two 0.6 insulated line distribution Wearing a casing machine, using 16L Teflon casing, single casing length 40m, this video mainly introduces our company HY-R20 automatic casing machine customer site installation copper wire teaching video, teach customers how to install copper wire and fluoride Dragon casing, next briefly introduce the development process of Guangzhou Kunyang Electronics.

Guangzhou Kunyang Electronics Co., Ltd. set up a factory in the mainland in 1997. It is a Taiwan-funded enterprise specializing in product development, production and sales of peripheral accessories for mobile phones (mobile phones). The company is mainly engaged in RM6 high-frequency transformer products. The company has established an air-conditioned workshop, adhering to the enterprise tenet of “creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees and creating benefits for the society”. All employees are “integrity, team, innovation”. The spirit of enterprise, with the quality policy of “quality and stability, timely delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and sustainable management”, continuously carries out business transformation and management innovation, enhances the overall quality of the company, and enables the company to grow.

Then let's take a look at the automatic threading machine customer site installation copper wire teaching video and Guangzhou Kunyang electronic field production photos, more giant science products please continue to click: automatic casing machine

Manual casing drawing:
Guangzhou Kunyang electronic on-site automatic casing machine installation guide pin video.jpgJuke warm reminder: buy two 0.1mm copper automatic sleeve machine, please look for Dongguan Juke Industrial quality manufacturers, the company has a professional after-sales team, the current domestic customer accumulation of more than 600, reliable quality, welcome to inquire!

Some Juke cases:
1. Guangzhou Kunyang Electronics - The shipment standard rate increased from 60.7% to 96%, the product qualification rate increased from 64% to 98%, and the production capacity increased by 0.8 times.
2. Shenzhen Tianhua Electronics Co., Ltd. - The number of employees is reduced from 300 to 200, and the average output can be increased by 0.5 times.
3.Dongguan Electronics Co., Ltd.——Huawei Electronics directly under the branch, the annual comprehensive output of 80000K or more, the purchase of our company 100 automatic casing machine

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