Huiyue IR tunnel oven debugging steps

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Huiyue IR tunnel oven debugging steps

Huiyue IR tunnel oven debugging steps

OurDongguan Huiyue IR tunnel oven adopts domestic new thermal insulationmaterial, strong thermal insulation, vacuum gold-plated infraredreinforced membrane on the outer surface, good temperature resistance,and can work continuously for more than 6000 hours. Reducer: 1200:1 reducer set, speed control mode: frequency control, precise speed control. Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine In terms of debugging, it is very simple. I will introduce it to you by Huiyue Li S today.
1, receive electricity
Three-phasefive-wire system (three-phase 380V), the fire line is connected to themain power switch, the neutral line is connected to the neutral line,and the ground line is connected to the ground line. After turning on the power, check if the conveyor line is blocked. Press the start switch to check the running direction of the motor. Ifthere is no operation, the phase sequence is wrong. Please reverse thetwo power lines of the three phases.

2, adjust the delivery time
Adjust the rotary terminal on the digital display controller, observethe change in value, and calculate the time required for the material toflow out based on the speed.

3, temperature control
set temperature:
Press SET---SV to flash---move the arrow buttons (left, top, bottom)to set the desired temperature---press the SET button to complete thesetting.
Temperature correction:
Measure the actual temperature at the temperature sensing bar. If thedifference between the displayed temperature and the displayed value isgreater than 5 degrees, the compensation value needs to be modified.
Temperature correction method:
If the actual measurement temperature is 125 degrees and thetemperature meter shows 120 degrees, then the SC parameter is set to 5
Actual measurement temperature is 125 degrees, temperature table shows 130, then the SC parameter can be set to -5.
Reminder: Change the offset parameter value. Will directly affect the furnace temperature, please measure the temperature and then set. Re-verify to avoid excessive temperature and cause the baked material to be scrapped.

4. Institutional adjustment
Exhaust vent adjustment
Theexhaust vent has a regulating damper. Under normal circumstances, it isall open. If the temperature does not reach the set value, the damperdiameter can be reduced according to the direction of the arrow, but thedamper cannot be reached. The damper is completely closed. There is a danger of explosion if the solvent concentration is too high.

5, the operation steps

(1) Turn the air switch handle to the ON position, turn on the main power, and the power indicator lights.

(2) When starting up, turn on the power switch, then turn on theconveying control switch (do not need to be enabled or not), then turnon the hot start switch, and the indicators will light up and enter theworking state.

(3)When stopping, first turn off the heating, then turn off the conveyorswitch, then press the emergency stop, the machine stops working.

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