IR tunnel oven for proper use and maintenance instructions

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IR tunnel oven for proper use and maintenance instructions

 Juke Xiaobian introduces the correct use and maintenance instructions of the IR tunnel type drying oven. The IR tunnel type drying oven saves 2-5 times, saves electricity more than 30%, works efficiently, and leads the heating rate. 20% of the products in the industry, widely used in high-frequency transformers, electronics, motors, telecommunications, electroplating, plastics, hardware chemicals, food, printing, pharmaceutical, PC board, powder, impregnation, spraying, glass, ceramics, wood building materials, etc. Baking, constant temperature, heat treatment and other processes, please read the following article for details.

The correct use of IR tunnel oven:

1. When all the preparations are ready, put the sample into the tunnel furnace, then connect and turn on the power. The red indicator light indicates that the box is heated. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the red light turns off and the green light is on, indicating that the constant temperature is started. In order to prevent temperature control failure, it is still necessary to look after it.
2. When placing the sample, please note that the arrangement should not be too dense. The test piece should not be placed on the heat sink to prevent the hot air from moving upwards and affecting heat dissipation. It is forbidden to bake flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive items.
3. When you need to observe the sample in the box, you can open the outer door and inquire through the glass door. However, the door should be opened as little as possible to prevent the temperature from being affected. Especially when the operating temperature is above 200 °C, opening the door may cause the glass door to split and become cold.
4. There is a blast tunnel furnace, the blower must be turned on during heating and constant temperature, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of the temperature inside the box and damage the heating element.
5. Should be placed indoors boring and level to prevent vibration and corrosion of the tunnel furnace.
6. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity, install the power switch that meets the capacity according to the power consumption of the tunnel furnace. Use qualified power leads and have a good grounding wire.
7. The tunnel furnace with electric contact mercury thermometer type thermostat should connect the two wires of the electric contact thermometer to the two terminals on the top of the box. In addition, an ordinary mercury thermometer is inserted into the exhaust valve to open the hole of the exhaust valve. Adjust the electrical contact mercury thermometer to the desired temperature and tighten the screws on the steel cap to reach the constant temperature. However, care must be taken not to turn the indicator iron out of the scale when adjusting.
8. When used, the temperature should not exceed the maximum operating temperature of the tunnel furnace.

IR tunnel oven maintenance:
1. Check if the tunnel vents are blocked and clean up the dust.
2, view, fan, motor operation is normal, motor speed can not be satisfied with the operation needs.
3. Check if the tunnel furnace lamp current is normal and the line is not aging.
4, the transmission chain refueling, sprocket refueling.
5, the light intensity of the tunnel furnace can still reach the operating specifications, the lamp is not aging.
6. Clean the dust inside the tunnel furnace.

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 Stainless steel strip tunnel furnace
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Stainless steel video tunnel furnace
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Stainless steel infrared tunnel furnace
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Stainless steel mesh belt tunnel furnace (encrypted)
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Juke IR drying line tunnel furnace
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Two-line infrared tunnel furnace
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Ten meter transformer tunnel furnace
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Small infrared tunnel furnace
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Small transformer tunnel furnace
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Small infrared tunnel furnace controller
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Stainless steel square tunnel furnace
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Juke infrared tunnel furnace scene picture
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Juke tunnel furnace baking diagram
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Juke tunnel furnace working diagram
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Juke tunnel furnace work diagram 1
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Juke tunnel furnace control panel
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Juke Tunnel Furnace Timer
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Tunnel furnace inverter debugging
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Juke tunnel furnace box protection

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Dongguan Tunnel Furnace Factory

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The above is the correct use and maintenance instructions for the IR tunnel oven. If you need to purchase or customize the IR tunnel oven, please contact our company and contact our business staff for purchase or customization. Thank you.

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