Introduction of Switching Transformer Dipping Paint Drying and Insulation Process

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Introduction of Switching Transformer Dipping Paint Drying and Insulation Process
Introduction of Switching Transformer Dipping Paint Drying and Insulation Process.jpg

Introduction of Switching Transformer Dipping Paint Drying and Insulation Process.jpg

 Understand the process of switching transformer dipping paint drying, first of all to understand the switching transformer. "Switching transformer" generally refers to the transformer used in "switching power supply". When working in a pulse state of a frequency of ten to several tens of kilohertz, the iron core is generally made of ferrite material.

Switching transformers generally work in the switching state; when the input voltage is DC pulse voltage, it is called unipolar pulse input, such as single-excited transformer switching power supply; when the input voltage is AC pulse voltage, it is called bipolar pulse. Input, such as double-excited transformer switching power supply; therefore, switching transformer can also be called pulse transformer, because its input voltage is a sequence of pulses; but to really compare, switching transformer and pulse transformer are still different in working principle Because the switching transformer is also divided into positive and negative output.

The assembled and tested transformers must also be immersed in paint to dry the insulation, so that the gap is filled with insulating varnish, so that various materials are stained. This makes the magnetic core and the magnetic core, the magnetic core and the skeleton, the enameled wire and the insulating material are firmly glued together, and is more resistant to mechanical vibration and shock, and more resistant to corrosion and moisture. The transformer dipping process is mainly divided into pre-baking, dipping and drying. The purpose of prebaking is to remove the moisture of the air gap of the transformer itself.

Commonly used methods of dipping paint are: atmospheric pressure hot dip method and vacuum pressure dipping paint method. The advantage of the latter is that the quality of the impregnating paint is high and soaked, which can minimize the moisture absorption capacity of the transformer coil, but the dripping time after dipping is longer. The drying process after dipping is compared in two stages. The temperature in the first stage is slightly lower than about 70% to 80%, so as to ensure the solvent volatilization in the paint is suitable, 1~3 hours, the temperature in the second stage should be increased. The specific temperature should be close to the heat resistance grade of the transformer and insulating varnish. Class A: 105 benefits, Class E: 120 benefits, Class B: 130 benefits, Class F: 155 benefits, Class C > 180 benefits. The baking time is 5~8 hours, and it will be dried immediately.

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Juke Impregnation Machine Features:

a, using the Yadeke cylinder quick switch cover. The top cover is sealed with silicone rubber for quick sealing;
b. Adopting stepper motor drive precision ball screw with moving slot lifting type impregnation, preset lifting height; preset lifting height (maximum stroke of sub-slot 60mm; displacement accuracy ±0.05mm);
c. The screw jack has large bearing capacity and high control precision. The PIN will not stick to the varnish, and no secondary tin plating is required.
d, all Chinese PLC control, can be preset a variety of impregnation mode, intelligent vacuum pumping, to achieve no bubble 凡立水, impregnation effect is beautiful;
f, automatic switch box cover, secondary automatic vacuuming, saving time and effort, environmental protection, energy saving, single-person multi-machine operation;
g, the whole groove is made of 10MM steel plate. Double glass observation window can be used to check the immersion situation at any time;
h, the impregnation time can be set;
i, with timing alarm, motor overload protection and phase loss protection;
j. Exhaust filtration and recycling, with environmental protection and recycling double-effect function;
k, product storage up to 500;

 air filter
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Fifteen-pin connector
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Double glass observation window
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Hydro-pneumatic pressure gauge
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Environmentally friendly low power bulb
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Light bulb cable
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