Two-point automatic winding machine maintenance knowledge introduction

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Two-point automatic winding machine maintenance knowledge introduction

 With the phasing out of the traditional mechanical control winding machine, the modern CNC winding machine has been widely used, and its advantages of high efficiency and low failure rate have been more recognized. The automatic winding machine is based on numerical control technology. The mechatronics products formed by the new technology represented by the penetration of the traditional electrical manufacturing industry and the emerging electrical processing manufacturing industry cover a wide range of manufacturing areas and are key equipment for coil winding. The correct operation and maintenance of the automatic winding machine is one of the key factors for the correct use of the winding machine. The correct operation can prevent the winding machine from being abnormally worn and avoid sudden failures. The daily maintenance can keep the equipment in place. A good technical state, delaying the deterioration process, and discovering and eliminating hidden troubles in time to ensure safe operation. Then Juke Xiaobian introduces two points for everyone, how to maintain the performance of the automatic winding machine

 a. The problem that should be paid attention to during the use of the winding machine is to pay attention to the use environment of the winding machine. To improve the service life of the winding machine, it is generally required to avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation. To avoid too humid, excessive dust or In places where corrosive gases are used, precision CNC equipment should be kept away from equipment with large vibrations, such as punching machines and forging equipment. Ensure good power supply In order to avoid the influence of large fluctuations of power supply (greater than ±10%) and possible transient interference signals, the winding machine is usually powered by dedicated line (such as separate from the low-voltage distribution room for CNC machine tools) or additional Regulators, etc., can reduce the impact of power quality.
b. Correct maintenance of the winding machine Establishing the equipment maintenance system is essential for the routine cleaning and lubrication of the equipment. Establishing the maintenance record can effectively judge and analyze the state of the equipment, so as to carry out preventive maintenance in a targeted manner. The operation and maintenance of the full-time personnel can locate the maintenance operators, which can effectively supervise whether the routine maintenance is in place, and whether the operation staff has a rough operation to cause damage to the equipment.
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 To understand the above picture video operation, please continue to click: HY-R18 12-axis automatic winding machine (with plastic structure) video

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