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Toroidal Transformer Winding Exclusive Technology - Juke Share
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 Compared with the E-shaped transformer, the toroidal transformer has the advantages of small magnetic leakage, high efficiency, low acoustic noise, light weight, small size, and flexibility in shape design. The most prominent one is light weight (about Can achieve 50 to 70% of the E shape). However, its weakness should not be ignored: it has the inrush current that the E-shaped transformer has basically no (the danger of forming the power supply grid), the installation is not as convenient as the E-shape, the line is exposed outside, the accidental drop is easy to damage and the cost is slightly higher. . Here is Juke Xiaobian to share the exclusive technology of toroidal transformer winding:
1. The winding process of the toroidal transformer wire package and the winding process of the key winding toroidal transformer wire package. There are two winding methods of semi-automatic winding machine and automatic winding machine on the production line. The semi-automatic winding machine can generally be operated by two people, and the enameled wire is wound around the annular core which has been insulated and wrapped. In order to make the windings tidy, there is also a plastic film that is pressed with a weaving groove in advance and then wound on the core. The advantage of the semi-automatic winding machine is that the artificial energy can actively adapt to the enameled wire with different wire diameters. The disadvantage is that the wire package is loose and slightly larger. The working process of the ring winding machine is as follows: The winding machine has a reserving wheel (also called a loop bobbin) with a split pin, and the coring pin is removed to insert the core from the opening and the center of the inner core of the core is aligned with the storage line. On the wheel circumference, close the split pin to store the wire in the proper amount, and then use the stored wire to wind the core. While the reeling wheel runs the winding, the transmission mechanism drives the iron core to rotate slowly, so that the enameled wire is evenly wound around the iron core. During the storage and winding process, the reeling wheel always runs through the inner ring of the core at high speed. When the winding is completed, the remaining line on the reeling wheel is removed, and the opening pin is opened to take out the core, that is, the winding of the coil is completed. Because of the different limitations of the size of the reel wheel slot, etc., the wire diameter of the enameled wire that can be wound by a winding machine is often specified as a certain range. For example, Longxin Electronics' ring winding machine has a minimum diameter of 0.4mm and a maximum of 10mm. Generally, for an isolating transformer with a step-down output, the secondary of the machine winding is often formed in a multi-strand winding manner, which can make up for the discomfort of the winding machine against the wire diameter due to the disparity of the primary and secondary wires. When the automatic winding machine is wound, the tightness of the wound wire package and the density of the wire can be adjusted on the winding machine.
2. Insulation layer is wrapped with iron core insulation—the inner and outer sides are surrounded by a strip of insulating paper with a core height, and the end surfaces are padded with an annular insulating paper of the same shape but slightly larger than the end surface, which is required to be properly overlapped with the strip paper. Then, use a narrow strip of insulation tape to wrap the entire loop from beginning to end. The materials used for the above-mentioned dressing and the thickness of the materials vary depending on the insulation grade of the different products. Insulation between primary and secondary - the method of dressing is the same as the insulation of the core, the difference is that the insulation requirements are higher, and the number of layers or thickness of the material is increased. For a 220V-powered isolation transformer, the insulation of the primary and secondary windings should be no less than three independent layers.

The above is the exclusive technology of the toroidal transformer winding-Juke industry. If you need to buy or customize the toroidal transformer winding machine, please contact our company and contact our business staff for purchase or customization, thank you.

I am Dongguan Juke Industrial Development Co., Ltd., our company is a transformer automation production equipment supplier.

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Dongguan Juke Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a professional automation workshop production line solution provider for high frequency transformer peripheral equipment.

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The following is our contact information. If you need to purchase or customize the products listed above, you need to buy or customize the transformer automatic production equipment, please contact our company, contact our business staff for purchase or customization, thank you.
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