How to choose the PLC module of the automatic winding machine?

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How to choose the PLC module of the automatic winding machine?

 The controller of the automatic winding machine PLC (Programmable Controller, PC) is also called the programmable logic controller (PLC). It is an electronic system for digital operation. It uses a memory that can be programmed. It stores instructions for performing operations such as logic operations, sequential operations, timing, counting, and arithmetic operations, and can control various types of mechanical or production processes through digital or analog inputs and outputs. The anti-interference ability is the total controller for processing the main input and output devices in the numerical control system, which is specially designed for application in harsh environments. PLC is a very advanced control technology in modern industrial automation control. It has become one of the three pillars of modern industry (PLC, CAD/CAM, ROBOT), and its application in various fields is more and more extensive, and its performance indicators are gradually improving. Then Juke Xiaobian introduces to you how to choose a better controller for the fully automatic winding machine PLC module.

 In the early stage of PLC control programming, firstly, the control system analysis should be carried out, select the PLC controller type used, assign the I/O port, realize the external circuit connection, etc., then design the logic flow chart of the program according to the mechanical control flow and write the program, program After the completion of the simulation debugging, to test the reliability and accuracy of the program, and make mistakes, and finally on-site online debugging, through the actual application to verify the degree of application of the program, and continue to improve. The following diagram depicts the basic steps in programming normally with a PLC.
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 A) Pre-preparation work. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the winding machine's process flow and control requirements, fully understand the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the various controlled equipment. If the control system is more complicated, it can be divided into multiple modules.

B) Program logic flow chart design. According to the technical requirements and control requirements of the winding machine, the logic flow chart of the PLC program is determined. If the control process is more complicated, and the sub-module design is carried out, the control flow design is performed separately for each module.

C) Write the program. According to the designed flow chart, the program should be written. In this process, the program should be simple, clear, accurate and reliable. Also pay attention to the necessary comments to improve the readability of the program.

D) Analog debugging. In the laboratory, the simulation debugging of the program is generally performed by first performing unit or sub-module to debug the program, and performing simulation debugging of the entire program when the unit and the module program are correct.

E) On-site commissioning. This is an important part of PLC programming. Transfer the program to the CPU chip of the PLC on the winding machine for debugging, which can find problems, correct errors, improve the program and improve the stability and correctness of the program.

F) Organize technical documentation. Organize PLC programs, logic flow charts, instructions for use, and help files to facilitate future updates, modifications, and extensions to the program at the customer's request.

The control idea of the control system is: under the power-on state, the PLC continuously executes the user program cyclically, according to the received command information, performs servo motor logic control, and collects the feedback status of each axis to the upper computer for display. In order to complete a specific task, the operator can quickly respond to the digital input module of the PLC by operating the corresponding button on the host computer interface or modifying the winding program, and the CPU module of the PLC will be The corresponding program will be started, and the signals of the cylinder magnetic transmission, photoelectric sensor, optical fiber sensor and the like are continuously refreshed, and the change of the external information is uniformly updated to the buffer of the PLC, and the CPU performs logical judgment according to the change of the information amount, and The operation command is updated to the digital output module and the analog output module to complete the start, stop, forward, and reverse of the motor.

At the same time, the upper computer should also exchange information with the PLC. On the one hand, the upper computer issues a command to the PLC, and the PLC executes the response program immediately after receiving the command; on the other hand, the upper computer reads the input, output and internal storage of the PLC. The various operating states of the winding machine are displayed on the computer for real-time monitoring and control. Output hold/clear settings can be made for each output; this minimizes wiring work. The communication of the winding machine control system is mainly the communication between the human machine interface and the PLC. Generally, a dedicated communication module is provided on the small PLC, and a system in which the PLC communicates with an external computer can be configured by using the RS422 or RS-232C communication interface on the PLC basic unit.

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