Proper use of automatic soldering machine and safety precautions

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Proper use of automatic soldering machine and safety precautions

Proper use of automatic soldering machine and safety precautions

HY-H02 flip-typeautomatic soldering machine adopts single-chip microprocessor design,which has stronger function, smaller volume and strongeranti-interference ability. The memory uses FLASH ROM, which has largecapacity and can store 1000-step soldering data. Theorder can be set separately for 9 kinds of solder materials, 5 kinds offunction selection, the solder data will not be lost after the power iscut off.

1. Please pay attention to the following warning labels:
(1)When the machine is working, do not enter the hand. When the machine isin motion,Transformer Automatic Taping Machine it may endanger personal safety at any time. Please keep thedistance between the body parts and the moving parts.

(2)When the temperature of the soldering iron is working at 300 °C orabove, it can cause burns on the human body, and the body part shouldavoid touching.

2. The tin beads generatedduring the soldering process may enter the machine and cause shortcircuit of the electrical circuit. It should be cleaned up and thecorresponding preventive measures should be done in time;

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