Coil process requirements for winding machine manufacturers

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Coil process requirements for winding machine manufacturers

 The winding machine is the necessary processing equipment for winding the coil. During the operation of the winding machine, the processing material must be used to successfully wind the coil. This material constitutes the main body of a coil, and the winding material of the coil is various. Mainly: wire, skeleton and insulation materials, then the following Hui Yue Ligong introduces the requirements of the coil process to the winding machine manufacturers, please read the following:

 CNC Winding Machine  is mainly used for winding and producing micro-coils of different specifications used in scientific research, such as transmission coils, platinum-iridium alloy wires, tungsten-tanned wire and other special materials. With the development of China's economy, more and more scientific research enterprises and institutions are expected to have stable performance, convenient operation, complete functions and beautiful appearance when winding fine silk products. However, the winding machines independently developed by some enterprises in China will encounter some common problems when winding fine enameled wires and precious metal filaments, such as broken wires, untidy wires, unstable tension control, etc., which seriously affect the products. Performance. These problems are particularly acute when winding low-speed 微 0.05 mm and smaller diameter SMA. In response to this situation, a low speed winding machine suitable for micro coils has been developed. Practice has proved that it can solve these problems well, and the product that is wound with it has stable tension, neat line and beautiful appearance, and the appearance has achieved the effect of “mirror”. As shown below:
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 The coil bobbin is shown in Figure 1. By precisely positioning the fixture, the concentricity and effective operation of the skeleton are ensured. When winding the coil, the speed is required to start from 0, and the constant speed is adjusted upwards to ensure stable, smooth and jitter-free operation of the winding spindle at any speed. When winding 0.05 mm alloy fine filaments, it is necessary to ensure that the filaments are continuous, the windings are neat, no scratches, no obvious mechanical creases, no pressure stacks, and no breaks, stacking, looseness and equipment. A fault or the like occurs. The main technical indicators are shown in Table 1.

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