CNC winding machine winding production process requirements

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CNC Winding Machine winding production process requirements

 (1) The winding machine requires that the insulated wire maintains sufficient tension in the radial direction of the workpiece during the winding process to make it tightly wound on the core.
(2) For each winding of the layer, it is necessary to manually lay the interlayer insulation and the end insulation, and the moving direction of the servo motor of the cable should be reversed; when some segments are completed, the transformer taps need to be manually taken out.
(3) The number of turns of each segment must be accurately wound when winding, so that the number of turns of each segment can be the same, the axial length of the coil can be equal, and the transformer ratio at the tap can be ensured to be accurate. As shown in Figure 1, the 2 to 3 turns of each winding starts with manual jog running. If the winding is normal, the spindle slowly starts to accelerate to high-speed running, and there is a small resistance from the end of the segment. When the number is counted, the spindle automatically switches the drawing speed of the spindle motor to a low speed operation. When the set resistance is reached, the spindle brakes quickly to stop the inertia, and the inertia error should be compensated if necessary.
(4) In the axial direction of the workpiece, it is required that the insulated wires 匝 and 匝 can be closely arranged without gaps or overlaps, which requires high-precision wire-line servo motors and effective control algorithms.

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