Automatic casing machine wear iron Folong casing for high frequency transformer

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Automatic casing machine wear iron Folong casing for high frequency transformer

 Our Dongguan JukeHY-R20 automatic casing machine is for the high-frequency transformer to wear Teflon casing, then everyone knows why the high-frequency transformer should wear casing? What's the use? Then let's explain it to you by Juke Xiaobian.

1. The automatic through insulation casing machine will bolt the high and low voltage leads inside the transformer to the outside of the fuel tank, not only as the lead to the ground, but also the role of fixed leads. The transformer bushing is one of the current-carrying components of the transformer. During the operation of the transformer, The load current is passed for a long time, and the short-circuit current is passed when a short circuit occurs outside the transformer. Then high frequency transformer plus casing needs to pay attention to two points

2, two crossed enamelled copper wire, in order to prevent immersion in tin, the insulating varnish on the outside of the copper wire, causing the two cross-line contact and short-circuit, so it is necessary to add casing.

3, high-frequency transformer plus casing, so that the insulation of the primary coil and the secondary coil is strengthened; the withstand voltage test is to add high voltage between the primary and secondary of the high-frequency transformer, about 3000V, due to the good primary and high-frequency transformer The secondary is completely insulated, so the withstand voltage test is to test the insulation properties of high frequency transformers.

   Then let's take a look at the samples of our customers' high-frequency transformer casing machine.

Automatic casing machine wear iron Folong casing for high frequency transformer.png

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